1.08 Persuasive Speech

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Jeremy, Ready I’m going spastic: I really don’t need to drink.. or pot.. I think they calmed me down if anything. I always heard if you type in caps it means you are yelling… I don’t yell much in person because I feel if you want to hear what I have to say listen closely. You DO KNOW on a very serious note. I know you like privacy... I think? Know I never would say a negative word that would compromise you to anyone... duh! We both know I only pay attention to the meat, you sexy beast. You know I always thought it was odd I worked in Ob/Gyn and you sold maternity clothes... is that out of choice pt??? You are SO CRAZY. I know you will use my disorder to CONTROL ME… Ben… is that Rhianna playing?? JEREMYYYYYYY JEREMY!!! I AM GOING TO …show more content…

he was a regular, cute guy... drove a B.M.W.. typical what’s up with gays and predacious cars??? I mean Ill take a truck with a push bar... or SUV like yours (more economical) I mean Honda’s are fun... but isn’t that what tiffany drove?? (you obviously have friends at green’s Toyota…too). Anyway, he’s weird… I end up at his house and he’s mean! I am surprised I didn’t piss on his car and kick his mailbox off. So driving home is when I get T-boned in my Honda. That thing... driving drunk isn’t safe much less in a hybrid with 13 horsepower. This jeep PLOWS into me. (I’d just had the car maybe a month!). This guy had basically something off of Jurassic park on the front of his jeep. THANKFULLY it was on the passenger side so its just like a bad crick in the neck. But I really didn’t see him coming so I was pretty limber. He was flying... and there I was trying to take off taking a left turn. So the car was drivable thankfully. We end up in court and its so scary we sit by each other. He was nice, he worked at Time Warner or somewhere in broadcasting. So we have to get there at 8 and we sit there till 11am listing to EVERYTHING from jail, probation, custody, I mean EVERYTHING. We are basically the last ones and its dismissed. So In the elevator I asked him if his jeep was fixed... he said the hood was bent back about an inch… my car... was ALMOST totaled. I forget how much damage but it was up

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