Rage Attack Case Study

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This incident involved the male suspect strangling the female victim with both hands; the victim and suspect are married and live together, in violation of PC 273.5-Domestic Battery.


The incident occurred in the master bedroom, the residence shared by the victim and suspect located at 920 Seco Street.


Victim Gilbert
• Sustained redness to her throat.
• Two scratches on the right side of her throat (approximately two inches in length).
• One scratch on the left side of her cheek (approximately three inches in length).
• Complained of pain in the front of her neck.

Suspect Gilbert
• Sustained an approximate two inch cut on the rear of his head.
• An approximate one inch cut on the top portion …show more content…

Laura stated Gilbert has been diagnosed as being Bi-polar and takes “Lexapro” medication for his condition. Laura stated if Gilbert does not take his medication, he has episodes of “rage attacks”. Laura noticed Gilbert was having a “rage attack” episode when he began arguing with her about her adult son, NFD.
On Tuesday, 12-08-15 at approximately 0930 hours, Laura and Gilbert were at their residence laying in bed (920 Seco Street). Gilbert began arguing with Laura about her adult son who was not at the residence. Gilbert reportedly used his right hand, placed it across Laura’s face and pushed the back of her head into the pillow on the master bedroom’s bed. Laura began kicking at Gilbert to defend herself against the attack. Gilbert then used both hands and placed them across the front of Laura’s neck. Gilbert then began to strangle Laura by wrapping both of his hands around her neck and began applying pressure/squeezing to her neck. S/Gilbert also jammed both of his thumbs into Laura’s neck which caused additional pain. Laura could not breath and continued kicking Gilbert to stop his attack on her. Laura believed Gilbert was attempting to strangle her to death. Laura did not lose consciousness as S/ Gilbert continued squeezing her neck. During the altercation, Gilbert was reportedly yelling, “Fuck you and your son! I’ll fuck you up and your son! Call the police!” S/ Gilbert continued squeezing Laura’s neck for …show more content…

Sergeant Villalovos was first on scene and observed Gilbert in the front yard of the residence. Sergeant Villalovos advised us that Gilbert’s vehicle was seen leaving the residence (A gold Chevrolet Tahoe California license plate #7FCS7963). The vehicle began traveling southbound on Orange Grove Boulevard approaching Walnut Street as Sergeant Villalovos continued to follow it. Corporal Thompson and I conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle on Orange Grove Boulevard south of Walnut Street. Gilbert was taken into custody without incident. Gilbert requested that we drive his vehicle back to his residence without towing

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