Overview Of Intimate Partner Violence Fatalities: Prevention And Intervention

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Intimate Partner Violence Fatalities: Prevention and Intervention
Intimate partner violence is considered the most life-threatening and distressing family issue on a societal platform (Hamilton, Jaffe, & Campbell, 2013). The term family is utilized loosely as familial depictions vary, but to be certain the family has two partners that can be diversified roles and gender. By definition intimate partner violence illustrates a pattern of behaviors that are deliberate and intended to gain power and control over another person (Hamilton, Jaffe, & Campbell, 2013). Intimate partner violence does not need to be necessarily violent actions, but can be verbal threats, isolation, neglect, and disempowering tactics. The series of behaviors and violence can hastily escalate and the probability of homicide increases in those relationship dynamics. Not only is the victim at risk of death, but there are direct correlations to child deaths during the admission of the parent homicide and/or as a form of retaliation. Frequently child welfare is involved in …show more content…

In order to eliminate service limitations and identify discrepancies it is critical to bring together community professionals that can utilize their expertise to dismantle barriers. Representatives can be professionals from child welfare, mental health care, medical providers, indigent services, and the criminal justice system (Chanmugam, 2014). As a prospective member of the domestic violence fatality review team in Orange County, Florida, the effectiveness of this community-based response effort must be determined. Although it is a reactive response, the service limitations and changes as a result of a case review are the area of

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