Intimate Partner Violence Essay

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What if you were in a relationship that had been going great, nothing but happiness, your partner gets a little jealous of other people who have some interest in you and they have their own opinion on what they think you should be doing? That’s usually normal and it might be cute and reassuring that they care about you and they just want you to be theirs. But what happens when they want something from you that you don’t feel comfortable with and they have no other way to force you to do something as small as what they want you to wear or to make you go to a new step in your relationship that you don’t agree with and might not be ready for? They might go to the point where the only option to get what they want is to hurt you. Physically, emotionally, …show more content…

There is also an argument to this topic that dating violence is exaggerated. A Youth Behavior Risk Survey showed from 2003 that in all of high school, Freshman through Senior, only 9% reported that they had been violated in a relationship by their partner. The percentage of students who were abused were very few and dating violence shouldn’t be that much of a concern as people put it out to be today. In 2005, Intimate Partner Violence showed that 2.1 percent of high schoolers experienced and were the victim of physical violence from a boyfriend or girlfriend. These people believe that his percentage is extremely small and the fact that out of the whole high school less than three percent of the students have experienced this is pretty good and it shouldn’t be a big concern. Although the correct side to this argument is that the percentages of dating violence and abuse is small, there are still claims of female teenagers in high school that have been physically and verbally abused or violated in a sexual matter. All of these were self reported situations that become less reported because of the humiliation so some of the abuse instances that may take place might actually be underreported in the first place. These incidents are something these females, or males, must face their entire lives. The mental trauma and physical scars left on oneself can affect a person 's daily life. No one wants the memories left on them or anyone they love so any percentage is a big

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