Intimate Partner Violence In Canada

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The day when I first experienced intimate partner violence was the day when my entire world turned upside down.
I was only 18 when I met my first husband. He was smart, handsome, and could speak about everything. I thought love and happiness would last forever. We become engaged after two months; and got married after six. The first year we were really happy. Then he lost his job and things started to break apart. He begun to isolate me from family and threat me. I remember once we were arguing about him not making enough effort to find a new job. Since I was a student I could not help a lot with an income supplement. My husband got really upset and slapped his fist twice into my back and left hand.Unfortunatly, this was the first but not the …show more content…

Family violence affects all and everyone. According to statisticians, about 6% of women in Canada in 2013 suffered from intimate violence in the past five years and “80% of intimate partner violence were against women and 97% of spousal murder-suicides were against women”. Half of all women in Canada have experienced at least one incident of physical or sexual violence since the age of 16. Family violence is not reported in majority of cases. As 2013 Statistics Canada reports, only about 24% of women – victims of abuse reported partner violence to the police (Statistics Canada 2013).
There are many reason why women are not reporting abuse. I, in particular, remember myself hoping that it is temporary and the things will improve. Also, I felt guilty that I could not safe our relationship. The shame and fears were other reasons since I felt my friends and family would blame me for marrying my abusive …show more content…

As a future nurse and past victim, I will do any effort to advocate for prevention of a partner violence. It is a silent epidemic which affects women of all age groups and all races. As a nurse, I will strive to engage in evidence-based research, participate in prevention programs, and advocate for policy changes in the community which I will care for. I am aware that ethical dilemma about reporting or not reporting intimate abuse exists. However, my feelings from negative experience clearly suggests that all abuse against women and children should be documented and reported to authorities. Otherwise, I would be only adding to the issue and deepen the negative health impact of intimate violence’s victim. I also may communicate in open talk, provide references to support groups and access to shelter, and psychological

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