Persuasive Essay On Women Abuse

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There are many women who are being forced into sex, beaten or perhaps abused in her lifetime by a person called a man. At some other times, the women are being assaulted by people whom they don’t know, but most frequently they are hurt or abused by people who are close to them. Women abuse occur in all cultures and races, it doesn’t have any boundaries. We have buried a lot of women, of which their death resulted from women abuse issue, some women today have anger and can’t even raise their children properly, they are angry with everyone and some can’t even face the world.
Women abuse causes an awful emotional and physical pain; it intimidates the lives of women. Women from all the countries are being affected by this behaviour. This issue needs to be taken into account …show more content…

I will look at how it affects the women and whether can it be brought to an end by looking at what other authors say about this issue. I believe that there is no problem without a solution; I will therefore come up with possible solution that will end this issue.
1.5 Outline of arguments
1.5.1 Forgiveness
I believe that if men can learn to forgive themselves and those who have wronged them, then women abuse will come to an end; since anger is one of the factors contributing to women abuse. Forgiveness solves everything and unloads the burden that you are carrying.
1.5.2 Respect
Respecting yourself leads you to do righteous things. So I believe that if men can learn to respect themselves they won’t abuse women. An abuser never earns respect, so for a person to earn respect must do well at all times.
1.5.3 Importance of a women
If men can know that women are the very precious being on earth and know that there is no world without her, then they will never abuse them. Men need to know that a woman is the foundation of the home and with her in a home, there is order in the

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