No Kill Animal Shelter Research Paper

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The time I adopted my pet from the no-kill animal shelter

To start with, I was very thrilled to go to the no- kill animal shelter to find my new pet! Before I left school my friends told me adopting a pet is a very troubling task! This would be the day I adopt my new pet!

To continue, my family and I were going to the no-kill animal shelter. On the way there my brother kept screaming that he wanted a fish. If my father was there with me he would have picked the animal companion for us, but this was my companion!

"Fish! Fish! Fish!" My brother screamed. He basically was screaming the entire time we were on the road. Eventually my brother drove my mom up the wall and she went off the road, but anyways we didn 't get into a wreck. …show more content…

"As long as you take good care of it." Mom stated. I looked at the cats through the kennels. I slowly walked to gaze at them. I found a cat that was middle aged and healthy. The cat was grey and it had blue eyes. The cat was not like the others, the others gave a mew or a meow, but this tiny cat was sitting up straight looking at me with its head tilted. I felt like the cat was a family member I just had to bring home with me.

Last but not least, I decided the cat was perfect, just like me, It was shy, quite, and patient. I told the employee I wanted the cat.

" Mr. Employee, can I have this cat?" I asked very calmly.

" Yes you, can have that cat, just take care of it!" He replied as he took the cat out of the kennel and sat it on the counter. The employee looked at a clipboard and told us that our cat was a boy. We were figuring out names for my cat.

"How about Albert, Squish, or Toby?" Mom questioned.

"I don 't know mom, Toby sounds okay, but what about the name Paws, he does have dainty paws." I answered. The employee was still collecting information about my nameless cat, so we were now deciding on the name.

"Levi what do you think your sister 's cat should be named?" Mother echoed to Levi that was staring off into the

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