Chihuas: A Short Story

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Look at this sweet face...this is Mr. Biscuits. Isn 't he handsome? Would you believe this little guy was picked up by animal control as a stray, a stray! Well, now Mr. Biscuits is about to lose his foster dad and mom because they have to move out of state. So Mr. Biscuits is looking for a new foster....or, even better, a new forever home!

What Mr. Biscuits needs is someone who has a heart for little dogs like Chihuahuas. Someone who is patient and understands Chihuahuas. Yes, Chihuahuas are dogs like any other dog, but they are tiny dogs who think they are HUGE dogs.

Chihuahuas can demanding; they want all your attention,
Chihuahuas are ferocius; they will protect you and willt try to scare any "intruders. '
Chihuahuas are insanely attached to their people, they love …show more content…

And last, Chihuahuas can melt the heart of the biggest, toughest individual when they turn on their charm, follow you around, and look into your eyes with such love and devotion.

This little guy is a 5-year old who weighs 11lbs. But when he was rescued he weighed 19lbs! He is still working on slimming down a little more--maybe 2-4lbs because he really is a tiny guy.

Because of his past, Mr Biscuits is wary of new people, but most Chihuhuas are. And, in Mr. Biscuits case, his wariness is understandable. He had several medical issues that required pills, drops, and shots. You wouldn 't be happy either if some stranger kept trying to force you to take medicine you didn 't want to take. He just didn 't understand it was all to make him feel better.

So, if you have a heart for little dogs, if you are patient and loving, and if you want to teach Mr. Biscuits that not all people are scary, please signup to foster or adopt Mr. Biscuits.

Mr Biscuits gets along with dogs and cats...he mostly ignores them. He is house-trained and doesn 't need a crate because he is so chill. Oh, and he loves, loves for you to toss the ball for him to chase and

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