Argumentative Essay On Pitbulls

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There is a negative stigma which follows certain breeds of dogs. Pit bulls for instance, are considered as a dangerous breed. In some cities such as Miami, they are banned and in many shelters, pit bull breeds are amongst the first to get euthanized. What people fail to realize is that dogs’ temperament is indicative of their owner and the care and training they are given.
Many cities have banned pit bull breeds believing them to be vicious/ dangerous breeds one city that city that has done so is Miami, according to Warnes “pit bulls have a reputation for aggression and many municipalities have ordinances either forbidding pit bull ownership outright or imposing restriction on ownership” (Salem Press Encyclopedia). Many pit bulls have ended up in shelters facing the possibility of euthanasia. Dogs identified as Pit bulls are amongst the highest breeds to get euthanized across the United States. According to …show more content…

The shelters receive numerous companion animals many include pit bulls according to Animal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals “ an estimated 5,000 animal shelters operate in the United States and receive 5 million and 7 million companion animals annually” (ASPCA) Pit bull breeds are less likely to get adopted from a shelter.
A dogs temperament is indicative of their owner and the care and training they are given. Pit bulls used to be considered the perfect nanny dogs, they are extremely friendly even with strangers because of that nature they were not considered to be good guard dogs. If a dog is not socialized properly they tend to be more aggressive this is not limited to Pit bulls alone. Often Pitbull owners use the dog in fighting matches which have increased the stigma among the breeds. The dogs are born bought or stolen for the sole purpose of fighting in that process they get abused and neglected while in the care of the

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