Pit Bulls Should Not Be Banned Essay

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Pit bulls, should we ban them?

You may know the American Pit Bull Terrier’s have been to bred to fight but this is not true. Pit bulls were not bred for fighting they were bred to work and herd cattle. They only got their bad reputation as fighting dog because of the owners who trained them to be mean and aggressive. Now people want to ban the all Pit Bull mixes or any dog that could be mistaken for a Pit Bull. But by using breed specific legislation would be wrong because you would be taking innocent dogs away from their loving family. So I say Pit bulls should not be banned for their behavior when they are trained to be aggressive and short tempered.
The American Pit Bull Terrier is well known for superior intelligence,strength and loyalty. in recent years this breed has been mis advertised as violent and vicious. While this dog does posses a feisty attitude, its history shows more of a complex tapestry of temperament and personality.

Like many of today's dog breeds it is highly unlikely to get a exact and sure details of the dog breeds.The Pit Bulls origins can be traced back to the Molossi tribe, the tribe lived in ancient greece and they favored …show more content…

However BSL is just a quick fix and the dangerous dogs can't be remedied quickly. In all reality BSL should be called breed discrimination laws. There are two types of BSL bans, and owner regulations. Bans make it illegal to house, harbor, import, train, or breed the specific dog breed that has been banned. Ownership regulations don't outright ban the breed but rather makes it extremely difficult to own a pit bull.There is a long list of regulations that need to be meet to obtain a dog such as liability insurance mandatory spay or neuter and muzzled in public. With BSL the government basically controls who can and cannot have a banned

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