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  • Pit Bull

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    Man i 'm strong I can take down anybody. i 'm tough buff and strong. I am a Pit bull and i also can hear other things too. I can get aggressive when I Camouflage and white. I do barking sound am surrounded by other things like dogs. I smell fear and other things And i like can food and dry food because it 's really good, but I love bacon the best. Bark bark it means i 'm aggressive but good and bad. Its feels nasty around here. You 're a good and protective dog to me said my father. I 'm a pitbull

  • Pit Bulls Research Paper

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    Pit Bulls are kind and loving. These dogs need a loving environment and a nice home. These don’t have lacking jaws, not a breed, and were war hero 's at one point in time. These dogs can be good protection. They won 't attack unless they feel threatened. Let 's see why Pitt Bulls make good pets. Foremost in position, Pit Bulls don’t have locking jaws according to multcopets.org. It is not possible for any dog to have a locking jaw the way that there jaw is formed. In source one a Representative

  • An Argumentative Essay On Pit Bulls

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    Did you know that 86.8% of Pit Bulls pass the American Temperament Test? They are the second most tolerant dog. Pit Bulls are loving, faithful animals just trying to live. Yes, almost everything we see on the news about them is something horrible, but just because those ones are bad doesn’t mean they all are like that. For instance, Lilly is one a the many know heroes. Her owner was walking home and collapsed on the train tracks. There was a train coming and Lilly started pulling her off the track

  • Pit Bulls Essay

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    Should Pit bulls be considered a danger to society? Some believe that pit bulls are inherently violent and need to be regulated. Maybe its because of their varied history, physical aspects, temperament, and even their breed. Whatever the reason theses dogs have always seemed to possess a negative reputation. But not everyone agrees with the dogs regrettable image, these people strongly believe that no dog is naturally violent and aggressive. They are wholeheartedly convinced that any neglected animal

  • Pit Bull Terrier

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    all American Pit Bull Terrier’s, which is their native names are not actually what people say they are to be. In fact, there is a American Pit Bull Terrier right now on the police force in New York, it is the first American Pit Bull Terrier to be on the police force in New York. On estimate 2,800 American Pit Bull Terrier’s are euthanized each day nation wide that is about 1,022,000 American Pit Bull Terrier’s euthanized each year nation wide. In fact, studies show that American Pit Bull Terrier’s

  • Pit Bulls Essay

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    If Pit Bulls are mean it is because there owner treaded them hourbely or they treated them mean. Pit Bulls can only get to 19 inches as an adult. Pit bulls can lock their jaws when the bite into something or someone. A male Pit Bull can weigh up to 35-65lbs and a female can weigh up to 30-60lbsas an adult. The colors of a pit bull are black, white, red, gray, fawn, brindle , blue, brown, and tan,. Pit Bull or Pitbull terriers, are beautiful they are athletic dogs the like to play fetch, and they

  • American Pit Bull Research Paper

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    The American Pit Bull Terrier is a type of dog. In my opinion, the best type of dog. They have a muscular build, which is normally what attracts people to them. Determination is their most seen trait. Everything they do, they do with pride and nothing less. They are some of the best companions and make great emotional support animals. Also, just like any other breed, Pit Bulls can develop temperament issues if mishandled, mistreated, used for dog fights, etc. Bad breeding is also something that happens

  • Rottweilers Vs Pit Bulls

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    you know anyone that owns a Pit bull? Good because I’m going to teach you all about Pit bulls. Do you know how Pit bulls got there bad name? It’s because people think they Pit bulls are dangerous. In this essay, I’m going to tell you why Pit bulls are better than Rottweilers. Pit bulls are good with children and if a baby cries the Pit bull will come to see what the problem is. If a Rottweiler hears a baby crying it will attack the baby and throw it around. Pit bulls are good watch dogs at night

  • Why Pit Bulls Should Be Banned Essay

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    do not feel that all the pit bulls in Texas should be banned. The pit bulls only know what their owners teach them. Texas pit bull owners need to teach them to be good. Texas should not ban all the pit bulls because of the actions of a few. Pit bulls also scored very high on their temperament test. Some pit bulls may be penurious, but overall they have excellent temperaments. The temperament test is a test that shows how well one breed acts around another breed. Pit bulls scored 83% on their temperament

  • Pit Bull Speeches

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    Pit Bull for the Win Mom dad can we get a Pit Bull, NO! Today I’m going to tell you about why Pit Bulls shouldn’t be consider an assassin dog, and a bad pet. It’s really unfair. In the begging I’m going to talk about how Pit Bull are outstanding for. Pit Bulls are amazing family dogs. Also are respectful animal. Pit Bulls are surprising behave to. Have you change your mind? I would have if you know what I mean. Moving on were know going to talk about what they perform. Pit Bulls

  • Pitbull Terriers: The Wonders Of Pit Bulls

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    quite understand the “Pit Bull” but soon you will understand. Pit bull is not a breed. It is a generic term often used to describe all dogs with similar traits and characteristics often known to the public as “Pit Bulls”. This essay is for any owners of “pit bull” type dogs such as American Pit Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terriers, and pit mixes. Pit Bulls are amazing animals that deserve love and affection just like any other dog. However, remember that Pit Bulls aren’t just any other

  • Why Pit Bulls Should Be Banned

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    from owning certain breeds of dogs. Pit Bull Terriers, Staffordshire Terriers, and Rottweilers are the top three restricted breeds across the country. Pit Bulls are the number one restricted breed due to their high dog-bite related deaths. Most people believe them to be the most dangerous dogs and advocate for them to be completely banned from the US. Rottweilers are the second most restricted because of their dog bite-related fatalities. Combined with the Pit Bull, these two dogs are the cause of 60%

  • Pit Bulls Stereotypes Essay

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    Pit Bulls have many stereotypes put on them that have gone on for far too long. Those in society who believe these certain stereotypes to be true, need to understand and realize they are not. Stereotypes such as, that Pit Bulls are naturally aggressive, that it does not matter how you raise them that no matter what they will always hold and show aggressive acts and behavior. Another stereotype is that Pit Bulls have special mechanisms such as a locking jaw. From both of those stereotypes comes a

  • Are Pit Bulls Good Or Bad

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    Pit Bull breed history. The American Pit Bull is such a great dog. They are well-known for their intelligence, strength and loyalty. But in recent years they have been unfairly villainized for being overly dangerous and aggressive. While Pit Bulls do indeed possess a feisty and spirited character, the history of the breed reveals a much more complex tapestry of personality and temperament. When did Pit bulls start to be villainized? People started using the dogs for their own selfish means without

  • The Pros And Cons Of The Banning Of Pit Bulls

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    American Pit Bull Terriers, American Staffordshire Terrier, and the Staffordshire Bull Terriers, commonly known as “Pit Bulls”, are all breeds of dogs that are universally misunderstood. Pit Bulls are commonly seen as vicious, dangerous, and violent animals. Unfortunately, Pit Bulls are falling victim to dog racism. Over the years, Pit Bulls have gained a negative reputation, but why? For my research project, I want to address the common misconceptions that constantly follow the bully breed of dogs

  • Pit Bulls Should Not Be Banned Essay

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    2023 Pit Bull Argument Essay “Bite us once, shame on the dog; bite us repeatedly, shame on us for allowing it” (Phyllis Schlafly). Pit Bulls are known to be violent dogs and they keep attacking people even when the attacks are reported. Victims of a painful Pit Bull bite have proven to leave people scared and injured. However other people believe that Pit Bulls can be great family dogs. This has led people to a debate about whether PitBulls should be allowed to be pets or not. Pit Bulls should

  • Pit Bull Research Paper

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    believe that Pit Bulls are not a very good pet of a family. These dogs have bad characteristic such as, them being fighting dogs, they are aggressive, they are unpredictable, and they bite a lot of people. To start with, Pit Bulls are fighting dogs. They are a mix between the Bulldog and the Terrier. According to the Wikipedia, the Pit Bull gets its gameness and agility from the Terrier and, the strength from the Bulldog. They are fighting dogs because, most of their owners put them in a pit and let

  • Argumentative Essay: Pit Bulls Should Be Pets

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    Argumentative Essay by: Elizabeth Mayer Pit Bulls Should Be Pets Think of a dog, with a strong jaw, sleek short fur, and a little tail. This dog is called a Pitbull and some people say this dog is bad or vicious because it is called a Pitbull, however I believe that pit bulls should be pets because they can be very sweet, they have a bad rep because of the media, and they can be a great addition to the family. First, there are many pros to having a Pitbull other than the fact that if they grow up

  • Summary Of The Problem With Pit Bulls By Charlotte Alter

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    Problem With Pit Bulls". This article was in light of an episode where a three year old young lady and her family were requested to leave a KFC eatery, since her "face was disturbing clients". Three year old Victoria Wilcher built up these wounds since "Her granddad's three pit bulls battered the little child until the point that a large portion of her face was incapacitated and she lost the utilization of one of her eyes". Charlotte Alter utilized Victoria's episode to contend that pit bulls should either

  • Pit Bulls Literature Review

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    Stereotypes     Contrary to population beliefs in society, Pit Bulls not as aggressive than they are thought to be. According to testing by The National Canine Temperament Testing Association, Golden Retrievers, Poodles, Border Collies, English Setters, and a number of many other breeds are considered more likely to become aggressive than the breeds known as Pit Bulls. While the average score these dogs tested 82.4 percent, Pit Bulls scored a 86.5 percent (Frosek). In the same testings, Golden