Pit Bulls Stereotypes Essay

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Pit Bulls have many stereotypes put on them that have gone on for far too long. Those in society who believe these certain stereotypes to be true, need to understand and realize they are not. Stereotypes such as, that Pit Bulls are naturally aggressive, that it does not matter how you raise them that no matter what they will always hold and show aggressive acts and behavior. Another stereotype is that Pit Bulls have special mechanisms such as a locking jaw. From both of those stereotypes comes a media bias on the breed that creates more and more stereotypes. Beginning with the common stereotypes that all Pit Bulls are naturally aggressive no matter how they are raised, is simply not true. While every dog breed can have their own set …show more content…

The average score of the over 231 breeds tested came to about 82.4 percent where Pit Bulls scored a 86.5 percent (ASPCA). If you look specifically at Golden Retriever you find that on the temperament testing scores, they score at 84.9, (dogtime.com), which is lower than Pit Bulls. I think it is fantastic that this evidence actually exists, but if only it was put into the light. Golden Retrievers and so often thought of as the American family pet, but this just shows that Pit Bulls are actually more well behaved. Although, some in society will still believe stereotypes no matter what. Another stereotype of Pit Bulls are that they have the capability of locking their jaw, this is known as …show more content…

When you compare a Pit Bull skull to the skull of any other dog breed, you will see all share the same general characteristics and bone structure (Rock). Lockjaw is thought to a mechanism that Pit Bulls use when ‘attacking people’, but this can be due to the fact that they are well build and strong dogs. When Pit Bulls get a hold of something they are such strong dogs that it might be difficult for someone to get something, such as a toy, away from them. This could be that Pit Bulls are just playing and do not realize that it could be seen as ‘aggressive’

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