Informative Speech On Pitbulls

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Intro Hook: Pit bulls are not vicious dogs, and make great pets for many families all over the world. Background information: Pit bulls are one of the most talked about breeds. Pit bulls are known for their “aggressive behavior” and being involved with dog fights. Though, many people have found pit bulls to be a great addition to their family. Pit bulls love attention and have a lot of energy. Pit bulls love to be around other people, or maybe even other dogs. Pit bulls are cute, furry four legged animals, that have a big heart. Thesis: Even Though pit bulls are known for their aggressive behavior, with the proper training, pit bulls make great family pets, that are affectionate, active, healthy, and gentle. Develop Your Argument Make …show more content…

Make a claim 3: Pit bulls are very active, energetic, and playful. Evidence 3a: Puppies love to play with kids or any other family pets. Evidence 3b: All dogs love to play fetch, tug of war, and even go for a walk or run with their owner. Evidence 3c: Puppies are funny to watch when they are running around with their outgoing personality. Make a claim 4: Pit bulls are one of the healthiest breeds of dogs that there is. Evidence 4a: Pit bulls do not require much grooming as they have short hair. Evidence 4b: Pit bulls do not tend to lean towards genetic disorders. Evidence 4c: Canines only weigh 50-60 pounds when they are fully grown. Make a claim 5: Pit bulls are very affectionate companions. Evidence 5a: Pit bulls are very loyal, and great at listening to commands. Pit bulls love to be their owners best friend. Evidence 5b: Pit bulls will protect their family, especially if they think that any family member is being threatened or put into a dangerous situation. Evidence 5c: Pit bulls have a high tolerance for pain, which means if their owner was in trouble, the four legged animal could most likely help their owner for a longer period of

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