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  • Breed-Specific Legislation Essay

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    BSL stands for “Breed-Specific Legislation”, and the only problem with this is that it bases its reasoning off of the looks of the animal. Legislation is beginning to be passed in different parts of the world, that discriminates dogs just because of their looks. There are many different opinions about this and its effectiveness. The main reason that cities and states pass this law is because there are often multiple cases of dog attacks, and BSL is supposed to improve public safety. Consequently

  • Breed-Specific Legislation: The True Solution?

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    Breed-Specific Legislation: The True Solution? From movie portrayals to our very own news media, that while people fawn over our furry friends they are still being victims to the fatal act of Breed-Specific Legislation. Breed-Specific Legislation (BSL) is the action in which certain groups and breeds of dogs are being pulled into a river restriction and prohibition, some even leading ultimately to death. Although BSL was introduced as a form of preventing bites and the safety of humans; scientists

  • Breed-Specific Legislation (ASPCA)

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    against specific dog breeds or breed mixes without regard to the temperament and behavior of individual dogs. [See position statement, Breed-Specific Legislation] AMERICAN BAR ASSOCIATION ADOPTED BY THE HOUSE OF DELEGATES AUGUST 6-7, 2012 RESOLUTION RESOLVED, That the American Bar Association urges all state, territorial, and local legislative bodies and governmental agencies to adopt comprehensive breed-neutral

  • Pitbull Bad Effects

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    Negative perceptions that individuals form surrounding dogs can have many different negative consequences. These consequences can affect both the dog’s wellbeing as well as their owners. While different breeds are displayed in a negative light, this can lead to their owners being seen in a negative light. Such as when it comes to Pitbull owners, they are often shown as being white thugs or poor urban blacks or Latinos (Twining, Arluke, & Patronek, 2000). The behavior of a dog has a lot to do

  • Pitbulls Persuasive Essay

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    According to the Mid-American Bully Breed Rescue, there are approximately 5,000,000 registered pit bulls in the United States alone (Pit). Of that 5,000,000 there are roughly 35,000 in shelters. In Los Angeles alone, 72,800 are euthanized each year; if you break that number down, that means about 200 helpless pit bulls are euthanized each day, however if you would rather look at the bigger picture, in the U.S., 728,000 pit bulls are euthanized in just one year. Numbers like these are immensely horrid

  • The Importance Of Socializing Your Puppy

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    Chapter 3 – Socializing your puppy What does socialization mean? It means learning to become part of society. When we speak of socializing our puppies, it means assisting them to be comfortable as a pet involved within the society of human beings. This human society includes people of different types, environment, noises, sight, smells, different animals and other dogs. Socialization may not be a concept, but it is one of the most vital things you can do for your puppy. It is important to expose

  • Sports In Elizabethan Era Essay

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    Elizabethan Sports Sports play a pivotal part of daily life in people today. However, sports also had a large influence on the people of Elizabethan times. These Elizabethan sports entertained everybody from Queen Elizabeth I to the peasants. The three main categories of sports that they played during the Elizabethan Era were Blood Sports, Individual Sports, and Team Sports. Sports that are considered gruel and inhumane today were part of everyday life during the Elizabethan Era. Many people could

  • Persuasive Essay: Should Pitbulls Be Banned?

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    How many people own a pit bull breed dog? I have owned pit bulls for over 13 years and I learned a lesson from a dog I owned. Her name was Precious. She was a outside guard dog and loved children. She became family the day my husband brought her home. My daughters adored her and let her sleep in their rooms. Precious never bit my daughters nor did she ever bite my neighbors. She barked and growled but she never hurt a soul. Most people I know believe that pit bull breeds should be banned and that they

  • Should Service Animals Be Allowed In Public Places

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    service animal’s Did you know that the new law states that service animals are not allowed in public places unless they are a dog? They made the law because you can 't have a snake get riled up and start biting everyone so it is for the safety of the people. If you are going to bring up that you can 't do as much with other animals and do the most with dogs no you can use monkeys or snakes or even horses and donkey even goats to do stuff. The animals are trained for a reason so that they can serve

  • Pit Bulls Literature Review

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    Bulls not as aggressive than they are thought to be. According to testing by The National Canine Temperament Testing Association, Golden Retrievers, Poodles, Border Collies, English Setters, and a number of many other breeds are considered more likely to become aggressive than the breeds known as Pit Bulls. While the average score these dogs tested 82.4 percent, Pit Bulls scored a 86.5 percent (Frosek). In the same testings, Golden Retrievers came in with the score of 84.9 percent (Einhorn, 2011). This

  • Research Paper On Why Pit Bulls Should Not Be Banned

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    Bulls Should Not Be Banned Pit bull’s in today’s society are considered to be a dangerous breed of dog. This idea is brought about due to their past history of being involved in dog fights and dog attacks. Pit bulls are the first dogs to blame when there is an attack, even though it would be proven to be a different breed. The breed specific legislation

  • Pitbulls Should Be Banned Essay

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    because of their breed? What exactly is BSL? “Breed Specific Legislation (BSL) is the blanket term for laws that either regulate or ban certain breed of dogs in an effort to decrease dog attacks on humans and other animals (Breed Specific Legislation 1). It also refers to regulations such as muzzling, insurance, and a host of other strict requirements placed only owners of specific breeds of dogs (Bless the bullys 1) One might ask how is banned breeds determined? Banned breeds are determined by

  • Why The Pit Bulls Should Be Banned

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    not its own breed of dog. The breeds that this term refers to include the American Pit Bull terrier, the American Staffordshire terrier, and Pit mixes (Villalobos Rescue Center). Every day, Pit Bulls are being labeled as vicious, killers, beasts, and monsters. Any horrible name that you can think of, they have been called it. All of the breeds that make up this term are considered the most controversial breeds and it is a constant battle between both parties as to whether breed specific bans on the

  • Why Pit Bulls Should Be Banned

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    Over 700 US cities have created breed specific legislation to restrict pet owner from owning certain breeds of dogs. Pit Bull Terriers, Staffordshire Terriers, and Rottweilers are the top three restricted breeds across the country. Pit Bulls are the number one restricted breed due to their high dog-bite related deaths. Most people believe them to be the most dangerous dogs and advocate for them to be completely banned from the US. Rottweilers are the second most restricted because of their dog bite-related

  • Pit Bulls Should Not Be Banned Essay

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    Bull mixes or any dog that could be mistaken for a Pit Bull. But by using breed specific legislation would be wrong because you would be taking innocent dogs away from their loving family. So I say Pit bulls should not be banned for their behavior when they are trained to be aggressive and short tempered. The American Pit Bull Terrier is well known for superior intelligence,strength and loyalty. in recent years this breed has been mis advertised as violent and vicious. While this dog does posses

  • The Walking Dead Character Analysis Essay

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    “The dogs with the loudest bark are the ones that are most afraid”. The first time I heard this quote was from Darryl Dixon’s character in The Walking Dead. If you ever watched The Walking Dead, you know that Darryl is a cool kind-a-guy with a badass attitude. He does not talk much, but, if zombies started to attack his friends, he’d be the first one who came forward without thinking. So, after I heard him saying that, I thought “Hmm…he’s got a point.” We often encounter this kind of people in our

  • Essay On Pitbulls

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    Imagine if your beloved pet was given such a bad rep, that your breed of your pet was banned in certain places in the world such as the UK, Germany, Ireland and almost thirty plus other countries. Your pet had always been the one of the sweetest pets that you’ve ever known, yet, a lot of people are against them being in their public area. Catherine Hedges, founder of the non-profit “Don’t Bully My Breed” organization, dedicated to rescuing pit bulls, says, “I’ve always wanted to help the "underdog"

  • Why Pitbulls Are Lovable Pets

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    Why Pitbull's are lovable pets "Look and adorable Pitbull!" Usually Pitbulls attack because they are protective of their owner, which makes them good pets in spite of the rumors about them, being banned for no reason, and misunderstood. You should give Pitbull's a contingent change while they are still here. To begin with, according to, rumors have be spreading briskly about Pitbull's and they aren’t true. For example, a rumor about Pit bull's is that they have a "lock jaw

  • Persuasive Speech On Pitbulls

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    There are many misconceptions and myths surrounding pit bulls. Pit bulls are wonderful dogs if properly trained with an owner who has sufficient knowledge on the breed. There are many positive reasons to owning a pitbull, more positive than negative. Pit bulls are a misunderstood breed , largely due to the fact many people don’t have enough knowledge on the dog and what type of dog they can be. Many people buy pitbulls when they are cute and little puppies and don’t actually conduct the proper

  • A Note On How A Stray Pit Bull Changed The Lives Of One Family

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    Family." Vetstreet. Web. 7 Dec. 2015. “I never really wanted a Pit Bull. But since we found Mason, I’ve discovered that these powerful animals can be loving, loyal, gentle and kind. However, they are big, and they’ve been bred to accentuate very specific traits, particularly in urban environments like Philadelphia. Irresponsible breeding, training and handling have created some very dangerous animals. One must never automatically assume that all Pit Bulls are good-natured. I know enough to approach