Nala's New Friend Short Story

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Nala’s New Friend This is a story of an imaginative kitten, Nala, who jumps over canyons, dodges boulders and tries to hunts down monstrous beasts everyday. Her world is absolutely perfect in her mind until Reuben the dog arrives. Nala was only 1 month old when her family found her in a box with her brothers and sisters on the corner of Sycamore and Studebaker Drive. She was taken by the family being the absolute cutest of the group while her siblings were taken to a nearby animal shelter. Nala loved her family. They had intense battles of capturing the little red dot the moves from chair to chair, which in Nala’s mind are great canyons. In her family there was a girl, a boy, a man and a lady. The boy played soccer and was always kicking …show more content…

Hi Nala! I’m a dog” Reuben replied “We cannot be friends” she said walking off “You need to go”. After hearing this, Reuben went back to the living where he was greeted by the girl and boy with big hugs and squeals. Disgusted, Nala went back to her bed to continue her nap only to be awoken by the most irritating squeaking sound coming from the living room. Nala ran back to the living room and saw that Reuben had received a bone-shaped rubber toy that made an ear splitting, high pitched noise when squeezed. This bothered Nala so she went to the garage to hunt for rats, but was too annoyed to do anything The days went on and, to Nala’s disliking, the dog stayed. Nobody ever played the red dot game with her anymore since they were out playing fetch with Reuben. Even when the boy played soccer Reuben would interfere and end up tackling Nala, so she just left. During the day when the girl and boy went out to school was the worst for Nala. Every corner she turned Reuben would be there waiting to jump Nala or ask if she wanted to play fetch. This annoyed Nala so much that once she said yes to playing fetch once. While the dog counted to twenty-five, Nala hid the bone so far he didn’t return for one whole

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