The Red Fern Grows: Comparison Of Book And Movie

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The red fern grows is about a boy that what 's two coon hounds. He saves up his money to get the coon hounds. He gets his wish he get his dogs. He goes to a contest wins the contest. Lil ann wins a trophy for most beautiful dog. The dogs die and the red fern grows between both of them. Lil ann wins a contest for best looking hound. Lil ann is multi colored in the book. Both dogs fall in the water in the book. They both have ice on their backs and can 't the book the dogs are 50 dollars. In the book they split up to go find the dogs and there papa. In the book they had a funeral for rubans death. In the book he had three sisters. In the movie the dogs were 40 dollars and he gives them 50 so he gets 10 back. In the movie both dogs

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