Compare And Contrast A Series Of Unfortunate Events Book And Movie Essay

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There are many movies and books that have tons of similarities and differences. I choosed A Series of Unfortunate Events, because of the nail biting moments that are in the book and movie. Plus,and you just want to know what happened. They both have many differences, but not many similarities. Some of the differences are very big changes and might make you like the other one more. The book and movie versions of A Series of Unfortunate Events very big differences. The biggest differences between the movie is Violet uses a grappling hook to save sunny from the tower.In the movie klaus climbs the tower without a grappling hook.I also thought this was not the biggest change but I like how clever the idea was.Violet signed the marriage certificate with her left hand and Olaf didn 't relize.In the movie Olaf realized and made her right with her right hand.In the movie Olaf parked his car in front of a train with the doors locked in attempt to kill the kids.That did not happen in the book.In the book Violet builds a device that uses refraction to set a sail on fire to signal for help.In the movie they call out and wave their arms for help.I liked the book more than the movie because they left out some parts in the movie that I liked and they were very different from each other. …show more content…

This concludes that there could be big changes in a book or movie and some similarities and an awesome book and

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