Death Valley Short Story

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willy davidson

One tragic day my friends and I decided to take a trip to Death Valley. It was a struggle to survive. I thought that I might turn into a puddle. But luckily we found a camp. When we finally arrived at this camp we saw a hose and all we wanted was to drink some water. The water tasted great. It was hot, but it was delicious. All I wanted now was some food and water. We found two mattresses in the camp, but they were infested with scorpions so they were no use. We found some spoiled oatmeal so we ate that. We also found a bag of chips, but they were so old they had evaporated. They also had multiple colonies of ants inside. We found some gasoline in the camp. Not enough to get us …show more content…

Earlier that day one of my friends had gone out and found some lizards for us to eat. We scarfed them down and wanted some more. Lucky for me when we were sleeping I awoke with a start. A bird had just landed a couple of feet away from the ground where I slept. So I went and got it. I figured I would save it for the next morning 's breakfast. So I went back to sleep.
I awoke to the sound of gunshots. They rang long and long. A gang of bandits had been robbing us in our sleep. They took everything we had including our clothes. So much for breakfast. They took off shooting and hollering because they were so happy. Luckily there were three pairs of junky clothes. They were worse than the ones we had on before. Suddenly, a giant thump could be heard coming from outside. When I came out of the trailer from getting on my new clothes a big tarantula crawled right in front of the trailer.It looked very hairy. It had its legs raised and it was baring its teeth. Luckily we had also found some meat in the trailer. We opened the bag it was in and threw it as far as we could. Lucky for us the tarantula took off after it. The meat was so old when the tarantula ate the meat it …show more content…

And then the unthinkable happened! She was falling asleep and I knew what that meant. I kept on telling her not to fall asleep or else she would die. Then the even more unthinkable happened! A helicopter flew by. I ran and got a sheet and started waving it around wildly. The chopper saw it and flew towards us. Then it started to fire bullets at us. No, I am just kidding. It landed, and then guys with machine guns hopped out and told us to all get on the ground. No, I am just kidding again. They hopped out with some medicine and gave some to Jenny. Then the man came over to me and asked me who I was. When I told him my name he told my friend and I to hop in the chopper, and that he would explain things when we were back in the air.The man picked up Jenny and carried her over to the chopper.
When we were in the air I told him about the bandits. He said, “They have been living in the park for a couple of years. The heat has driven them crazy.” He was surprised they attacked us. He said, “They usually won’t come near people.” So off we flew away in the sunset.
“Oh wait! What about my car?” I said. Then there was the sound of an huge, loud explosion far off behind us. “So much for that,” I

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