Personal Narrative Essay: I Kill My First Deer

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One of the most rememberable things in my life with nature is I killed my first deer. Early in the morning me and my dad got ready to go and we headed out in the woods. I was so tired. But when we got there me and my dad went through the trails. The grass was tall and bright green.My dad set some corn out to lurer the deer in with. Then we went to go sit down against a tree. The tree was tall and dark brown. We got all settled down and ready to wait for a deer to come. We waited for maybe 1-2 hours during this time the birds were chirping and the sun was rising. I was so tired I was trying to sleep. Right before I fell asleep again my dad hit me and said says get ready I see something coming. So i get all ready I’m scared …show more content…

The deer ran away about 60 yards from where I killed it. I couldn’t even believe it. I called and texted my mom she couldn’t even believe it. We had to wait a few minutes to see where it was because if it was still alive we didn’t want to scare it off. We waited 5 minutes but during those five minutes me and my dad celebrated and hugged for probably 2 minutes. After the 5 minutes me and my dad followed the blood trail down to where the deer was and sure enough the deer was laying right there in front of our eyes. It was a 6 point with a big body and it was so pretty. At this point and time me and my dad were still shaking. Of course we had to take a picture so I grabbed the deer's antlers and held them with pride. My dad was so proud of me, I was about the same age he was when he killed his first deer too. After see the deer and seeing where I shot it, it was time to get dirty. We walked back up to the tree to get the knife kit. On our way back to the deer we found the arrow it was so bloody and gross and smelled horrible. When we got to the deer my dad got his gloves on and got to work. It smelled so bad. In the middle of my dad cleaning it out he showed me where I hit it and it was right where I was supposed to hit it. The whole time my dad cleaned it he was talking about how proud he was of

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