Personal Narrative Essay: The Bear Hunt

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The Hunt

It was a gloomy September day and the bear hunting season was about to begin. The old farm truck was loaded full with barrels of cooking grease, assorted candy, birdseed and tubes of sticky frosting. We were to hunt four hours north in a little town called Orr, Minnesota. My family had an 80 acre lot that we used strictly for hunting. My mom volunteered to sit in the stand with me and videotape the hunt. She was excited as I to begin this new hunting experience. Near the Canadian border wildlife was abundant in many different forms and we were hoping to shoot a large black bear. I had only heard stories of bountiful black bear hunts and I was finally able to experience one of my own and make an everlasting memory.

Arriving to the cabin hours later, it was nearing mid afternoon. We had planned to go bait and scout the woods before dark. After unloading our belongings into the cabin and getting some lunch, it was time to head for the woods. The never ending green seemed to surround the truck as we made our drive down the old gravel road. As soon as we had arrived to the trail my mom and I loaded the fourwheeler. When carrying the bags of hunting bait onto wheeler, we realized how much work we really had ahead of us. With the four wheeler fully loaded we made our way further up the trail. The next trail to the stand was only accessible by …show more content…

The thick layers of pines had thinned into a thin layer of towering oaks. After a brief pause and break, we began dumping out the bags of bait into a pile in the sight of the stand. Covering the trees with frosting was like creating a piece of art. Jokingly designing obscene pictures upon the trees, we exchanged some laughter. After coloring the trees an opaque white, I began the strenuous walk back downhill. We had many bags of candy and bird seed that were to be carried up the hill and it was going to be an exhausting

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