Personal Narrative Essay: The Bear's Game

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Ian is my fifteen year old brother. He is almost six feet tall (a whole foot taller than me) and is a freshman in highschool. I am 11, on the shorter side , in 6th grade and half the size of my brother. Neither of us know it, but soon we will start an enormous argument over who gets to watch their favorite football team play on TV. "The Bears game is on later today!" I thought in my head over and over again. I am so excited because it is their first game of the season! This is going to be a great game! Since they are playing the 49ers, it will definetly be close. Time flys by and it is already an hour before the game! I decide to throw on my Matt Forte jersey and my Bears hat. After I have my clothes on, I immediately find …show more content…

I notice the remote control on the ground and lunge myself towards it, grab it then look to see where the second one is. He must have been ready for this because he pulls it out from behind his back. "Looking for something?" He asks. I quickly change the channel with my remote. He changes it back to the Packers game. I put the Bears game on. He puts the Packers game on. In the middle of this I realized that when the Bears game is on, the Packers game is in commercials and when the Packers game is on, the Bears game is in commercials. An idea popped into my head, we can switch from one game to the other during commercials! I explain this to my brother and we decide to use my idea. Doing this, we both have the opportunity to watch some of both games and have a great time. Although I only planned on watching the Bears game, I ended up also watching the Packers game with my brother. We had a great time watching the games together. Afterwards, I realized that compromising can be a great experience since you can observe something from someone else's point of view. My brother and I compromise more at our house now that we know compromising brings us closer

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