Should College Football Players Get Paid

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College Football Players Should Not Get Paid College sports are the pinnacle of most colleges. There is a stimulus, or better yet, rising arguments whether college athletes should get paid. It has been more controversial whether college football players, in particular, are the main focus of this debate. A lot of students and news reporters agree that college football players should indeed get paid for representing their school on the field. These athletes are not yet professional athletes and should not be treated like they are. The involvement of money has a way to manipulate these young men’s mind to play for the money instead of the sport. It changes the purity of the game, and encourages cheating and dishonesty. In addition, since they…show more content…
This encourages business for the players instead of a fair game of talent and fun. Elementary school, middle school, or high school student football athletes do not get paid for their talents. It was not a business then, and it should not be a business now. According to the NCAA, “college sports are more about the academics rather than the profit, a concept that will take a 360-degree turn if money comes into the equation. Now everyone would probably be in it for the money. Traditionalists also argue that college sports are designed to foster true sportsmanship and not so the athletes could profit from them,” ( Again, it shows that even the NCAA believes that college athletes should not be paid, and that being paid takes away from the true aspect of being an outstanding athlete and being shown off on a national level. Football may be one of the biggest money makers for colleges, but never does one turn a sport that started off so simple, as young men showing their skills and creating friendly competition, to a rigorous business that the only reason somebody would like to join the team is for the money you receive in return for your talents. This concept confuses many old athletes like Nick Saban, “When you invest your time, you make a goal and a decision of something that you want to accomplish. Whether it 's make good grades in school, be a good…show more content…
Enough about why college football athletes should not get paid. We dive into why they should get paid. The number one reason why college football athletes should get paid is that being paid, would be an increase to the source of funds for these players across the board. For example “After academic responsibilities, most college athletes spend their time practicing, which leaves little room for finding other means of making money to compensate for food, board, books and other expenses not covered by their scholarship grants. While other students are working part time, college athletes are working hard in court, in the field or in the rink, without earning even a single dollar. So getting paid, even a little extra, would go a long way to helping them pay for all their needs. This would also make a huge difference for students from families with low income.”(NYBorg) The payment of college football athletes is highly debated because it benefits certain people a lot more than others. Even a statement from a former athlete shows how he thinks athletes should be paid just due to the fact of the money being made off of the game itself, “You go to Chapel Hill and try to go to a Carolina-Duke game, good luck trying to find a ticket. It’s nationally televised. There’s so much money that goes behind just one basketball game. I do think the players from both sides should definitely see some type of benefit,” says Marvin Williams (Charlotte Observer). Both statements have logical
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