College Athletes Should Be Paid Analysis

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After graduating from High School one may choose to further his or her education through college. People do this for many reasons. Some people do it for professional benefits, while others do it for sports athletics. This paper will be focusing on those who do go to college for athletic benefits. Specifically, this is focusing on how these college athletes do not get paid and why they should be paid. College athletes take many risks and make personal sacrifices in order to bring in revenue for their school, for this reason, they should be paid employees. The first reason in why college athletes should be paid is that college athletes take many risks. Depending on the scholarship, if an athlete is injured and unable to play they can lose their …show more content…

Every year the NCAA makes around one billion dollars (Alesia). While the NCAA as a whole made this sum of money other leagues like the NHL (National Hockey League) make only around two-hundred and seventeen dollars (Badenhausen). Most of their profits come from TV advertising and licences.This is supported by figure B (Revenue). While the NCAA is making a billion dollars a year, it is the colleges that receive most of that capita. According to Cork Gaines, “there are now 20 schools that make at least $100 million in sports”. This fact is supported by Figure C (Revenue* of college football teams in 2014 (in million U.S. …show more content…

Ken Feinberg, a renowned sports editor, says that by created an organization that would distribute a certain percentage of what the NCAA makes to former and current college athletes (Jon Solomon). he also says that “It could be former athletes who appeared on television,” Feinberg said. “It could be former athletes the NCAA secured for video games, t-shirts, emblems on automobile stickers or any item. It could be any and all revenue sources that benefit the NCAA. The FCAA is not looking to get revenue from TV outlets. It includes only those funds that end up in the NCAA 's bank account.” The FCAA being the organization that would collect and distribute the capital. This research paper described why college athletes should be paid. They make personal sacrifices, and take risks in order to produce revenue for their schools. Since the NCAA and colleges make these large sums of money, it wouldn 't be unwarranted to ask for the men and women who are the main reason on why they have this much cash to be paid. In the words of the great Danny Divita “Everybody needs money. That 's why they call it money.” This includes our college

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