Summary: Student Athletes Should Not Be Paid

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In the documentary schooled: the price of college sports I learned that the NCAA does not treat student athletes like employees but these students are treated like slaves it all started in 1971 when the young Caucasian man by name of started playing college football for TSU, he was the running back for the team and when he caught the ball in running he was hit by two other players from the opposing team which caused him to be paralyzed for the rest of his life. Most of the players feel that they should be paid for playing college sports but the NCAA believes that a student who gets a full scholarship to play any sport at a university should not be paid because they are being paid with a free education, room, and board, and free meals, the NCAA …show more content…

are the only people getting paid while the football, basketball, soccer, tennis players do all the hard work making the NCAA billions of dollars every year studies that were conducted found this to be very disturbing, considering the fact that college football games bring in 10.8 billion dollars a year, college basketball brings in 27 billion dollars a year, and not one football or basketball player sees any money made from the games they slaved over. The reason the people in charge of the NCAA will get away with what they’ve done to players for years on end is because the coaches and other staff are getting paid to shut their mouths and not speak out against the NCAA, because they need a job, these young men and women work so hard throughout their sport seasons with practices, training, conditioning, and games these students athletes need some type of pay and most of all educational help on and off the field to help them do good in school and focus on their passion. Now back to the first point made about the NCAA believing that if they partnered with universities around the world to grant every young man and woman a full scholarship to play sports for their brand and that school then they receive free benefits like a room and board, books

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