The Pros And Cons Of College Athletes Paid

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College Athlete Compensation

Why are we letting college athletes go hungry? Did you know college athletes put about 40 hours a week into their sports and they never really get paid (college athletes deserve). Even though they make millions of dollars a year for their universities they don't get a dime (hoop dream). College athletes should get compensated because their scholarships don't fully cover their student needs.

The NCAA refutes most of these arguments by saying their student athletes, but with the work they put in shouldn't students go first (hoop dream).UConn the winner of the NCAA championship last year had a graduation rate of just 8% for their male athletes. so how can they really be students if they don't even finish their education (sportspeople).if the so called student …show more content…

college athletes have jerseys, video games and tons of sports apparel with their faces and names on it and don't even have a choice (30 For 30).how are these students greedy? Then you also have the fact that colleges treat them as property. They throw their faces and names across merchandise, but if a student was to sell their jersey it would break NCAA rules (30 For 30). NCAA says their amateurs they don't need to get paid. These athletes are far from amateurs they can compete with world class athletes. At the end of the year a few college athletes get invited to the Olympics’ for their sport so if they're the best in the world there is no way they are amateurs. Amateur’s also don't put in up to 40 hours a week. Most students who have jobs don't put that many hours into their job and they're getting paid (college athletes deserve). Calling college athletes amateur's is just a way the NCAA can get by without compensating their student

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