Summary: Should College Athletes Deserve To Be Paid

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Inquiry Question College athletics have been around since the late 1850’s and to this very day still do an amazing job entertaining the majority of the population. Athletes from around the world are recruited and brought into these prestigious universities in order to help promote the school’s athletics. As sports become more competitive, the athletes are required to put in an extra effort to ensure that they are capable of keeping up with other schools competition. The world of college athletics is run and overlooked by the National Collegiate Athletic Association better known as the NCAA. The NCAA’s main responsibility and goals are to “maintain intercollegiate athletics as an integral part of the educational program and the athlete …show more content…

Athletes are responsible for most of any school’s income as far as athletic and ticket sales go. The average Division 1 student-athlete spends approximately 34 hours a week on athletically related activities. This number increases to 39+ hours when talking about Division 1 football players (David Ridpath, 2016). Doing this insane amount of work day in and day out makes you wonder, “do these athletes deserve to be paid?” In order to answer the question, you have to consider the outcomes of both paying and not paying the …show more content…

The teen’s brain doesn't fully until the age of twenty-five (URMC, 2016). This means that people under twenty-five are prone to making poor decisions and lack good judgment in most situations. Being under the age of twenty-five includes most college kids with the exception of a few graduate students. Regardless of the money or not, I feel as if the poor decision making is inevitable and is simply part of growing up. It is important to learn from mistakes and correct them. Deciding to pay the athletes could help them learn to manage their money more efficiently thus preparing them for the future if they have the talent to play professionally/attain a job. Even if you aren't talented enough to make it to the next level, money managing skills are a necessity to succeed in the

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