Analysis: Why College Athletes Should Be Paid

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Major college football and basketball programs bring in millions of dollars a year for their university and the NCAA. Many people claim the players are the reason these programs make so much money and should be compensated for their work. At first this seems to be logical, but there are many flaws with paying athletes. However, athletes should be able to pursue business opportunities. College athletes should not be paid for playing sports, but should be able to have an outside income. The controversy derives from the leading division I college basketball and football programs because they are the only ones who make enough money to pay the athletes. Small division I, division II, and division III programs do not make money; many of them …show more content…

Major football and basketball programs are the only ones which make millions of dollars every year. So, only football and basketball players from major programs deserve to get paid, but this is not fair. It would be unreasonable to the other athletes to only pay football and basketball players because they put in just as much work as football and basketball players. All sports programs have a similar schedule, and they are all demanding. The only difference between the programs is people like to watch football and basketball more, so it brings in more money. If all athletes cannot be paid, no athletes should be paid. Athletes are already paid by being given a scholarship. Not having to pay for a college education is something many people dream of. Most colleges provide their athletes clothes, meals, textbooks, and even tutoring. Other college students struggle to pay for these things. The price of college is outrageously high and growing. Most college students accumulate thousands of dollars worth of student loans. It takes years for students to pay off their student loans. Athletes who receive a full scholarship do not have to worry about paying off student loans because they do not have

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