Analysis: Why College Athletes Should Be Paid

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In my personal opinion, college athletes should be paid due to seeing first-hand the immense amount of dedication the players put into their sport. I believe that by placing their sport above all else, making it a sole factor of their focus, athletes treat their participation in their sport as a full time job. Being required to practice year around taking up most, if not all spare time that they aren’t in class or studying, makes maintaining an outside job or way to make money seems nearly impossible. According to Mark Edelman from, the typical Division I college athlete devotes around 43.3 hours per week to his or her sport and maintaining his or her scholarship. Not only are they spending over 40 hours per week towards these sports related demands, but they are also required to spend around 50 hours per week towards their academics. This means that college athletes have to work about 90 hours a …show more content…

Enough money to get by, not struggle on campus, and plenty to hold them over on breaks when school cafes are closed while they are still working on their sport would be more beneficial than what they are receiving now, which is nothing. Colleges need to start reimbursing their athletes for the x amount of money that they make off of their athletic abilities but also they need to do so legally. Hopefully, the legality of paying athletes will be overturned before more athletes leave their colleges ahead of graduation in a search for money since they are not receiving any to stay afloat in school. According to the rules of the NCAA, any athlete that receives any payment for playing will lose his or her eligibility to play. Making it impossible to legally receive any financial boost and refusing payment, the NCAA has created quite a maneuver to get away from paying college

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