Analysis: Why College Athletes Should Be Paid

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If you were a college athlete, would you be satisfied with the NCAA and universities making tons of money while you know you were the reason they make so much in the first place? Do you think the NCAA should pay college players? College athletes should be paid because they bring in so much money to the colleges, universities, and NCAA. They put so much time and work into that sport that they barely focus on school. Most college athletes only go to school to have a better chance of becoming a professional athlete for that sport, especially in basketball and football. When collegiate sports first started they made back then does not compare to how much they make The NCAA and Universities make so much money because of the athetlets that come to their programs. The NCAA and college sports is a multi-billion dollar industry thanks to college athletes. The NCAA makes roughly about 1 billion per year since 2006 (Kirshner. 2018). Most of their money comes from television coverage and marketing campaigns. The rest comes from ticket sales and student fees. All 231 division 1 colleges to date …show more content…

“Lest you think I exaggerate, look up the case of the two athletes at the University of Iowa who started a T-shirt screening business and were threatened with ineligibility by the N.C.A.A. because their website mentioned that they met because they were both — brace yourself — swimmers” (Rosenberg, 2017). Paying collegiate athletes would also help develop athletes better if they do stay longer instead of rushing to go pro and then failing to be something because the they were not for that type of exposure. Injury is another reason why they should get paid. No matter what sport you play, you’re always putting your life on the line when you play that sport. “Paying players could guarantee them a degree of financial security, and prevent some from leaving prematurely” (Labaton,

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