Should College Athletes Get Paid Essay

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Should college athletes get paid? People have been asking this question for many years and people still don’t know the answer to it. That are people who are for paying athletes while there’s also a group that are against, some of the people that are for paying athletes are ex-college players and coaches and the people that are against are mostly people that work for the NCAA. Many people have different points of view on rather the athletes should get paid. There is some sport analysis that thinks that college athletes shouldn’t be paid for many reasons, one reason is the fact that the athletes already receive a free scholarship and they believe that covers for all the money they bring in from competitions. But there’s also other sport fans and college athletes that don’t believe that a scholarship is enough, some believe …show more content…

They believe that the players are already being pay with exposure, some of the players go on to play in the NFL and other major leagues where they make millions of dollars. Along with the exposure, they are also given a major amount of grants and scholarships for their education. NCAA revenue numbers aside, it is true all college athletes are amateur-status. According to the NCAA's data released every fiscal year, out of the six major college sports (baseball, men's and women's basketball, men's soccer, hockey and football) the only sport with more than seven percent of its athletes go pro after college was baseball. Only 1.6 percent of college football players end up being drafted into the NFL. Other people also fear that there might be some lawsuits since it’s impossible to have an across the board pay scale. Some people think that females might file a lawsuit considering they won’t be payed the same as male athletes. These prove that paying athletes would cause a lot of problems that would hinder athletes from taking their studies

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