Should Student Athletes Be Paid Essay

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The cartoon’s audience are the people that runs the school. Boris Drucker make an assumption about the people who will look at this cartoon by making the sports team feel good about themselves and it also shows that the school is not as greats as the sports teams. Which shows that the school needs to also focus on the academics of the students and not just all sports.
The characters in this cartoon are a football player, a coach and a reporter. The placement of them shows off the large stadium and the large football team that they have, also the crowd is there so you know that they make money from these sports team. The football coach and the football player are very large and they seem glad that they won. The cartoon shows the sports side …show more content…

If an amateur is good at a sport it doesn’t mean that they should get payed or not, the part that NCAA makes about paying their athlete is that they feel that if they are going to school on a scholarship they should be payed. The amateurism that the NCAA certification that they tell all of the student athlete is to make an agreement to all of the student athletes that they are getting the opportunity to play in the college and are going to the college for free in order to rectify their money …show more content…

I don’t agree with this because the NCAA is a group just like the NBA or NFL that controls all of the athlete that are competing for honor and glory. To be apart of these groups is an honor itself. Usually while you are a college athlete the college tuition is free because you play for a sports team. These two things go hand and hand. You are not getting paid a check every two weeks but the amount of money you are saving in tuition is monstrous. Athletes don’t realize what they actually do to deserve the honor of being on the team and getting free tuition as a part of the

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