Pros And Cons Of The Football Bowl Subdivision

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Since its debut in 1998, the Football Bowl Subdivision has used the Bowl Championship Series to determine its champion. The goal was to get rid of the idea of having two champions. This system has been the subject of some controversy. The controversy is over whether the Football Bowl Subdivision should get rid of the way the current format that favors the playoff. Considering the fact that they are one of the few leagues, whether it is college or pro, that does not have an end-of-year tournament to determine their champion. The Football Bowl Subdivision needs a playoff because allows all teams on college football’s highest level to compete for a championship, and find out who really is the best of the best. The system that is in occurrence …show more content…

Basically this is saying that if a certain team in a certain conference has a very good record, it is because of the strength of their schedule, and who they play. A prime example is Boise State. They are in the Mountain West Conference, who doesn’t have the strongest teams or strongest scheduled games. When Boise State was given the chance to play top-tier teams, they surprised many people and did very well. Between 1999 and 2010, Boise State has won a hundred thirty-four games and lost only twenty-one. They averaged eleven wins per season. This period included ten conference titles, two undefeated seasons, and five one-loss seasons. This included victories over sixth-ranked Virginia Tech and nineteenth-ranked Utah in 2010, third-ranked Texas Christian University in 2009, twelfth-ranked Oregon in 2008, tenth-ranked Oklahoma in 2006, and eighth-ranked Fresno State in 2001. Despite all of their success, they have only appeared in two BCS games, which they won, and have never finished higher than third in the rankings (“Bronco Football: A …show more content…

Usually, the BCS rewards teams that go undefeated. When other teams see this happening, coaches will then try and schedule weaker opponents so they can get easy wins, so that the BCS will reward them. Having this playoff system removes the easy schedule and makes the championship strictly about performance.
Challengers of a playoff say those on both sides of the argument are ignoring the issue of travel and attendance arrangements. They claim that if teams would not know their next opponent, should they advance? Additionally, there would not be adequate time for fans to arrange to go to the team’s next location. This is a key reason why things should be kept the way that they are.
The reason there is no playoff in the Football Bowl Subdivision is because of money. There is the belief that college football is a business, and not an amateur sport. This statement can be followed up with the fact that football players are being played to play football. I personally know people who are on Division 1 teams that are get paid monthly for being on a full scholarship at their school. Their tuition and everything else is paid for, the school is literally paying them to play football for their university. They want the athletes to bring in as much revenue as possible. At the end of the day, that’s the more money the university is

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