Should College Athletes Get Paid

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College athletes already get their education free why should they get paid for playing a sport they love playing. What do you think, should college athletes get paid for playing the sport there in? Well I don’t think so and in this paper I will tell you and give you reasons why they shouldn’t be paid. College athletes are already getting a free education they shouldn’t be allowed to be paid. My topic is why college athletes shouldn’t get paid.The first reason is because People would stop watching or attending the college games. Second the kids are already getting a free college education, place to stay, meals, and there book fees paid for. Finally this would cost to much money for the NCAA to pay for all the players in the NCAA. The first …show more content…

Athletes who get scholarships don’t have to deal or worry about student loans, paying for textbooks, the cost of campus living, and meal plans.(3) Students who get scholarships don’t have to worry about being in debt because of loans because their college education is paid off from the scholarship. Then in the state of Pennsylvania 71 percent of students leave a public four year institution in debt around $32,528.(3) This is a normal person graduating from a college. They have to worry about paying back all of that money and students who get scholarships don’t have to worry about it. They don’t think that 's enough they think they should get paid for the sport they play as well. Most college athletes would just be happy with a four year career playing a sport and not having to pay for their college education.(3) Some of the athletes think they should get paid for doing something that got them that education. Which I don’t think thats right. Also college athletes get opportunities at receiving both a college education and get the exposure to win a major professional contract.(1) What college athletes don’t understand is that they are getting exposure to getting a professional contract. If that doesn’t work they will always have a college education to lean back on. They give generous scholarships to top student athletes receive, covering their tuition and most

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