Should College Athletes Get Paid Essay

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Have ever thought about what you were going to do about your job while you are in college, seeing how you are a athlete as well as a student? Being a college student is busy and you might not have any time for a job so you can pay your bills and groceries. This is why it would be a fantastic idea to implement a compensation system for those who can not find the time to get a job, not to mention the rule set by the NCAA preventing you from getting a job whilst in the season.
College athletes should get paid because the of their busy schedule. College athletes have a very busy schedule. With the NCAA setting rules to have no more than 20 hours of athletic related events a week. But with the NCAA organization growing and teams racing for the national championship, coaches want more practice to get better. Therefore sports teams exceed 34 hours or more a week. Student athletes spend about 40 hours a week on athletic related events and around 12 hours of class they do not have a chance at managing a stable working schedule. College athletes need some sort of income to pay for apartments and bills. The NCAA does not allow you to have a job unless you are not currently in the season. In order to get a job you …show more content…

They say that college athletes should not get paid because of the fact that scholarships. Only about 2% of athletes get scholarships a year. The opposition would also say that being paid incentivises the students to go to a college. Also because of the unfair compensation. But the thing is life is not fair, you have to work for things. The keys are to get as much of the contract guaranteed for skill, salary cap, and injury. Finally they might also say that if college athletes were to get paid they would be the same as professional athletes. College athletes are very similar to professional athletes but they also have school on top of sports. This additional requirement is why they should also be

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