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There has been a big controversy from years ago about whether or not NCAA students athletes should be paid a salary. This issue is important because so many people believe that these college athletes are already being paid through the scholarships they receive for their studies. However, others argue that they are not been given enough for all their sacrifices and hard work while playing in the field. There are countless reasons why it is fair for students athletes in college to obtain at least a minimum payment, and some of them are because colleges are producing lots of money with students playing sports, body injuries can dramatically risk athletes’ scholarships, and finally because they deserve to receive something back from having their …show more content…

Students athletes are having their mind and body exploited with all the different activities they go through everyday. Being a college student and an athlete at the same time is not easy, they have too much things to do besides having classes. According to Oliver, a college athlete 's day consists in the following: waking up early in the morning to do exercise, then go to class, after class there is practice, next go get a quickly eating (if possible), later attend to practice, and finally the student athlete has to make sure to finish all the homeworks and work behind for the classes. Hence, a day is just not enough for college athletes to accomplish all those obligations they experience; “sometimes they don’t even get to eat anything throughout the day or before going to bed” (Oliver), however they still have to go practice or play in a game without having the energy necessary. But, what are they receiving back for having their mind and body exploiting? nothing! Except scholarships that as mentioned before, can be canceled if an injury comes in the way. Therefore, there is a necessity to change the system in which colleges treat their athletes because they deserve and should get paid for the sacrifices they do outside of a classroom. In conclusion, despite the fact that so many people argue that college athletes shouldn’t be given a salary because they already have scholarships and also sports are seen as a part of the education itself, these athletes should be awarded with a payment because colleges and the NCAA are not only producing money off of them, but also because college athletes are being exploited by all the activities they do every day and when they suffer an injury, there is a huge possibility that their scholarships get

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