Pros And Cons Of College Athletes Being Paid

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College Athletes Being Paid: An Annotated Bibliography
Bouchrika, Imed. “Why Should College Athletes Be Paid?” Research.Com, 21
Apr. 2023, In “Why Should College Athletes Be Paid” author Imed Bouchrika first begins by explaining what college athletics are and what role they play in some students’ lives. Bouchrika details the Student-Athlete Compensation System, which includes the $3.7 billion provided by the NCAA to DI and DII colleges for athletic scholarships. Bouchrika then moves into the main idea of his article, why should college athletes be paid? He states several pros and cons, such as payment is the equal to a work-study basis. The money given to student-athletes …show more content…

He works with the European commision on the Scovis project as well. Bouchrika has collaborated with several other great authors and scientists in his many international projects around the world. He has made many other articles, fairly often using credible sources that he lists at the end of each reading.
Drozdowski, Mark J. “Should College Athletes Be Paid?: BestColleges.”, Best Colleges, 10 Mar. 2023. college-athletes-be-paid/. In “Should College Athletes Be Paid?” author Mark Drozdowski begins by listing the multiple deals signed with colleges to provide student-athletes with gear and equipment. He then states how college athletes are not provided salaries, but instead they are given scholarships. Drozdowski finishes his article by giving pros and cons of the subject, like how paying student athletes is needed compensation from the always occurring chance that they get injured, or how paying athletes will get messy with how much they pay each …show more content…

Reasons Why or Why Not?” author Unknown goes over the NCAA vs. Alston ruling, which is when colleges were given the power to reward their athletes for their name, image, and likeness. They then explain why student athletes are not being paid by their schools, and what a name, image, and likeness agreement is. It is then written how student athlete scholarships actually work and what the difference is between a full versus a partial scholarship. They then list cons of paying college athletes, like how scholarships are the fairest form of compensation for them and how paying athletes diminishes the spirit of

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