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  • Essay On Career In Academia

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    Career in Academia-A Woman's Perspective by Rakhi Acharyya Hear hear, men have 10% more grey brain matter than women, they have better spatial, math and logical abilities, nurture prefers boys to be pro-math/science, girls are usually about 4 years behind boys in logical understanding, and that aunt next door is always telling all moms "what's the point of sending her to get a higher degree?" So these are the odds against women in academia, even more so in the scientific community. But even with

  • Plagiarism In Literature Review

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    Plagiarism is a widespread and continuously growing practice in academia. Plagiarism is an increasing phenomenon (Flint et al; Hayes & Introna, 2010), which is fabricated amid of academic culture (Quah, 2012). However, contemporary researches available on this phenomenon are western oriented and represent practical knowledge

  • Plagiarism In The Fashion Industry

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    presented as your own work without citing the original author. Throughout this essay, focus will be highlighted on the effects of plagiarism on academics as well as the fashion industry. The similarities and differences regarding copying, adscription in academia, and the fashion industry will be discussed in more detail. During this period of time plagiarism is commonly used to consult the robbery of terms or ideas, beyond what ought to commonly

  • The Pros And Cons Of Plagiarism In Literature

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    2.1. Plagiarism in Academic Products Plagiarism, that is using the words or ideas of another person and passing them off as one’s own (Carroll, 2007), is considered as a “cardinal sin” in academia (Papadakis & Wofsy, 2010, p.1). This is a widespread problem today that is increasing and can be vastly observed among scholarly communities, scientific communities, literary communities as much as among educators, politicians, journalists and public figures all over the world (Onuoha & Ikonne, 2013; Flint

  • Advantages Of Shared Leadership

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    You could describe and consider more models of leadership and discuss if they suit your workplace. ie, explain and compare a number of leadership models and discuss how each would work in your area. In part ii, you could also consider your own leadership skills now and say which skills you need to develop, then devise a PDP to bring about that learning. Topic:Understanding the need of health care activity is very important . A successful leadership is a essential practices influence our followers

  • Plagiarism In Academic Study

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    In Universities and other levels in the academic field, academic dishonesty, including plagiarism, has been one of the many concerns reported in the classroom settings. It has been a growing problem that must be addressed immediately. It was said that the cause of the constant academic dishonesty is due to the fact that cheating has become a norm, such that it has become a mindset to students that it is acceptable to “bend the rules a bit” to get ahead (Davis et al., 1992; Delvin & Gray, 2007;Ellery

  • The Importance Of Pop Culture In Academia

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    Pop Culture in Academia One may ask, is studying pop culture in academia worthwhile? In the 21st century, people are completely immersed in pop culture. According to, popular culture is defined as “cultural activities or commercial products reflecting, suited to, or aimed at the tastes of the general masses of people” and it has become a norm in daily life (Popular culture, 2018). Due to pop culture’s massive influence, most of what we do is shaped by pop culture in some way; therefore

  • Eurocentric Art Literature

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    lives within a highly Eurocentric culture and society. Within the academic art world, there is an underlying plot that actively works to exclude those that do not assimilate to its narrative. This chronology has created much conversation in modern academia regarding the seemingly innocuous and once rarely questioned values the institute has relied on for millenia. The underlying Eurocentric narrative present in the identity of culture and politics is the conversation of the assumed authority of texts

  • Halupa's: Exploring Student Self-Plagiarism In College

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    In colleges and universities, there remains the fact that plagiarism is rampant on college campuses in the United States. Much research has been done by university professors, in which they came up with options for the prevention of plagiarism in academia. Obviously, professors have numerous options available to them for the prevention of plagiarism in their classrooms and university campuses, yet students can go unnoticed in their cheating behavior. Students, especially college students, should know

  • Characteristics Of State Bureaucracy Model

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    called “community of scholars” and characterized as guided by the ideal of truth finding, where quality is judged by academic criteria above all others and institutional autonomy is considered a prerequisite for the very existence of the university. Academia is a self-standing and self-governing “Republic of Science”, based on collegial approaches to organization and decision-making. Here higher education is governed by internal factors and actors, who share the same norms and objectives (Olsen, 2005

  • Thesis Statement On Plagiarism

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    This Plagiarism Policy (hereinafter referred to as “the Policy”) of Universiti Brunei Darussalam (“the University”) provides a comprehensive statement about the University`s approach to addressing Plagiarism, what constitutes as Academic Dishonesty and Plagiarism, the consequences of Academic Dishonesty and Plagiarism and its penalties. The University considers Plagiarism as a serious form of Academic Misconduct, where it poses a considerable problem not only for the University, but for academic

  • Should Students Be Allowed To Use Phones In Class

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    Phones have become more popular today. Every where you go they are glued to students and adult's hands. New phones are coming out every year, and students just can not seem to let their phones go. These students always have these phones by their side, in class, and not in class, they always have them. Students are addicted to these phones, so what do the teachers, and administrators do about these phones during school hours? Many people think that students should use their phone in class, but there

  • Communication: The Role Of Communication

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    Man has been using language as a tool of communication for centuries. It has enabled him to interact with the environment and to regulate his social behaviour. Though there are a number of means and instruments of communication, language is the most widely used instrument. Man communicates meaning through a sophisticated system of symbols. The sophistication that has been attained in devising this complex system of meaning-sharing activity has left the primitive communication far behind. We communicate

  • Transformational Leadership Reflection

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    Student’s name: Professor’s name: Date: Reflection Essay One of the most important element and aspect of any organisation is the leader that keeps all the members together and help in the formation of a team that works towards the production and manufacturing of remarkable projects, buildings and institutions. There has always been need for innovation and betterment in the design, architecture and construction in several form however, the one presented by Aileen Strickland McGee states the active

  • Theories Of Computer-Mediated Communication Theory

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    Computer-Mediated Communication Theory. It can be simply defined as a transaction between two or more network computer like chartroom, emails, SNS (Social Networking Sites), text messages etc. This growing theory has been continually talked, debated and argued by many theorists and scholars concerning its scope and reach on vast fields in New Media (communicationtheory. org). Various definitions of CMC were provided from different studies and literature reviews. The collated definitions and views

  • Why Do We Learn A Foreign Language Essay

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    Why do we learn a foreign language? Because learning a new language today may provide feedback that's worth more than you think. In the age where our world is more open to communication, it makes easier and faster to cross-border communication. Of course, the most commonly used language in the world is English. So we see that foreign language communication is more important and plays a role in our society. I have divided my presentation into three parts; Increase your chances of getting a job, Multilingualism

  • Academic Integrity In Liberal Arts Education

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    Freshman English Section K: Poghosyan Ani Synthesis Essay-Draft Liberal arts education provides people with the opportunity to have a wide range of knowledge and reach academic integrity on their own. Academic integrity means acting honestly in your academic papers and completing your assignments independently and always citing your sources of information. Honesty is the key concept of achieving academic integrity. The liberal arts education encourages academic integrity in a variety of ways such

  • The Positive And Negative Effects Of Study Habits And Academic Performance

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    Study habits itself affects the Academic performance of students taking up BS Accountancy measured by their General points average (GPA). According to Nonis & Hudson (2010), Study Habits can have either positive or negative effects with academic performance because of its direct relationship with it. There is a positive effect of study habits if one’s General Percentage Average (GPA) were good or high on the other hand, if their grades are below average there is a negative impact on it. Positive

  • Causal Attribution Theory

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    It is an attempt to examine the types of causal attribution student’s make in their success and failure in variety of settings and how these attributions affects the expectations for future success and failure. A qualitative approach of content analysis was used to measure the student’s responses on the question of ‘Explain the most significant event of your life and how do you attribute the causes behind them. The present study was undertaken on engineering students of National Institute of Technology

  • The Pressure Of Stress Causes Of College Students

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    College is a major period of transition for numerous of people, and with a large abundance students, they face a various amount of pressures such as working, finances, and social relationships/ peer pressure/ academic expectations. For instance, according to the Stress/ Love To Know blog, article “Stress Causes of College Students”, there are various students that have a job, and throughout the time, are balancing their school work. This can be indubitably stressful for a college student. Next issue