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  • Academia Benefits

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    The Benefits of Attending College Beyond Dollars and Cents Education, in some form, has been something mankind has strived for since appearing on earth. Many scholars believe that early cave paintings dating back to 130,000 b.c.e. were "depictions used a manual for instructing others what animals were safe to eat." We have come a significantly long way since then. And somewhere along the way roughly 1088, universities were created. Harvard University, founded in 1636, claims itself to be "the

  • Pros And Cons Of Hidden Intellectualism

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    that examines the fallacies of academia in his essay “Hidden Intellectualism”. As the title suggest, Graff’s essay will depict how children are becoming intellectuals through the discussion of cars, sports, fashion, and TV. There is also discussion about how schools are overlooking this knowledge as being beneficial to a student’s success in academic writing and what they can do to relate the students previous understanding of extra-curricular activities to academia. My essay will examine the foundation

  • Deborah Tannen Summary

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    the scholarly work and voicing out from the side that share the same opinion as the author. This leads to academic rewards for these arguing students as suggested by Deborah Tannen, leaving the rest to believe that they are not good enough for the academia. Based on personal experience, I would like to add that such agonism demotivates students to explore knowledge outside of their field and creates an impression that they are never meant to explore topics that they are least expert at. This structure

  • Summary Of Hidden Intellectualism By Gerald Graff

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    Paradigm Shift in Intellectualism Gerald Graff highlights the laxity of institutions to nurture supposedly non-intellectuals in his disquisition “Hidden Intellectualism”. Graff believes the predominant reason to be our association of these individuals with anti-intellectualism. Furthermore, he believes society’s notion of intellectualism lies in evaluating weighty and arduous topics such as Plato and Shakespeare, and real intellectualism constitutes enlivening the dullest of subjects. Essentially

  • Boak No Hero Academia Analysis

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    gain popularity based on the plot, main character and pacing. There are 3 top Shounen anime called “Boku no Hero Academia”, “Naruto Shippuden”, and “Dragon Ball Z.” These three anime are very similar but different in many ways. Boku no Hero Academia, Naruto Shippuden and Dragon Ball Z all have many differences and similarities in plot, pacing, and main character. “Boku no Hero Academia” and “Naruto Shippuden” are very similar and different in their unique plot lines. Hero Academia’s plot revolves

  • My Hero Academia Themes

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    A Narrative Criticism Analysis of the popular anime series called, “My Hero Academia” Chad M. Thompson Department of Communications Boise State University Boise ID, 83725 COMM 331: Message Analysis and Criticism Spring 2023 A Narrative Criticism Analysis of the popular anime series called, “My Hero Academia” “My Hero Academia” is a popular manga and anime series created by Kohei Horikoshi. The story takes place in a world where almost everyone has a superpower called a “Quirk

  • Argument Essay: Trigger Warnings For College Students

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    I tell myself “You don’t know what other people have gone through, so you can’t justify the argument.” But after telling myself that is an unfair accusation, I have come to a better understanding of why I disagree with it solely on the purpose of academia. The main problem I come across is where do you draw the line? At what point would students simply use this as an excuse to avoid class and what happens if it were to become something that is a daily disturbance in class? I also believe that teachers

  • The Importance Of Pop Culture In Academia

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    Pop Culture in Academia One may ask, is studying pop culture in academia worthwhile? In the 21st century, people are completely immersed in pop culture. According to, popular culture is defined as “cultural activities or commercial products reflecting, suited to, or aimed at the tastes of the general masses of people” and it has become a norm in daily life (Popular culture, 2018). Due to pop culture’s massive influence, most of what we do is shaped by pop culture in some way; therefore

  • Captain Partridge's Academia

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    With the stroke of his pen, President Woodrow Wilson created the Reserve Officers Training Corps or ROTC when he signed the national defense act of 1916. However the story of ROTC started as far back as 1819 when Captain Alden Partridge established a program of military instruction called the American Literary, Scientific, and Military Academy which later became Norwich University. At the Academy, Partridge originated a system of education that combined civilian and military studies in order to produce

  • Western Eurocentric Culture

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    lives within a highly Eurocentric culture and society. Within the academic art world, there is an underlying plot that actively works to exclude those that do not assimilate to its narrative. This chronology has created much conversation in modern academia regarding the seemingly innocuous and once rarely questioned values the institute has relied on for millenia. The underlying Eurocentric narrative present in the identity of culture and politics is the conversation of the assumed authority of texts

  • Plagiarism In Fashion

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    presented as your own work without citing the original author. Throughout this essay, focus will be highlighted on the effects of plagiarism on academics as well as the fashion industry. The similarities and differences regarding copying, adscription in academia, and the fashion industry will be discussed in more detail. During this period of time plagiarism is commonly used to consult the robbery of terms or ideas, beyond what ought to commonly

  • Analysis Of Intellectualism By Graff

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    Many people disregard the idea of young people being able to learn aspects of intellectualism through worldly experiences. When it comes to the modern idea of being intellectual, most people believe that subjects such as history or science, have more value than fashion or sports. Few people are able to realize the connection between academic intellectualism and street smarts. Students who have a hard time learning general concepts in classrooms tend to have an easier time recognizing, and learning

  • Characteristics Of State Bureaucracy Model

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    called “community of scholars” and characterized as guided by the ideal of truth finding, where quality is judged by academic criteria above all others and institutional autonomy is considered a prerequisite for the very existence of the university. Academia is a self-standing and self-governing “Republic of Science”, based on collegial approaches to organization and decision-making. Here higher education is governed by internal factors and actors, who share the same norms and objectives (Olsen, 2005

  • My Experience At The College Of Charleston

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    Firstly, to engage in research as the Departmental Honors award is based on Research involvement. Zeringue stated, “research allowed me to work and think independently, develop skills outside of my coursework, and get a feel for academia” as research was a big part of his life. Secondly, to find opportunities outside of the classroom such as the ICAT Program, that can also lead to international travels. Thirdly, to find a successful mentor to help guide you on your path to success

  • How Might One Succinctly Describe The Mission Of The ACR?

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    scholarship in the field. A great emphasis is placed, also, on innovations, intensive training, and professional advancement. Membership to the ACRL allows opportunities to discover job postings that might otherwise not be found. The various facets of academia are also well-represented by the association. There are sections for librarians who specialize in specific academic disciplines. The website obligingly underscores this point by placing a link to these sections along a toolbar along the top of the

  • Plagiarism In Literature

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    2.1. Plagiarism in Academic Products Plagiarism, that is using the words or ideas of another person and passing them off as one’s own (Carroll, 2007), is considered as a “cardinal sin” in academia (Papadakis & Wofsy, 2010, p.1). This is a widespread problem today that is increasing and can be vastly observed among scholarly communities, scientific communities, literary communities as much as among educators, politicians, journalists and public figures all over the world (Onuoha & Ikonne, 2013; Flint

  • Student Plagiarism: Cause And Effect

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    In colleges and universities, there remains the fact that plagiarism is rampant on college campuses in the United States. Much research has been done by university professors, in which they came up with options for the prevention of plagiarism in academia. Obviously, professors have numerous options available to them for the prevention of plagiarism in their classrooms and university campuses, yet students can go unnoticed in their cheating behavior. Students, especially college students, should know

  • Personal Narrative: Earring Change Hearing

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    Earrings Change Hearing Take a moment to ask yourself if you have already forgotten something you intended to do today. If the answer is yes, well then you are not the only one. Being a full time undergraduate student, working two jobs, while also trying to fulfill other life obligations tends to leave me exhausted. With an extremely hectic schedule, comes lack of being able to think straight at times. When carrying conversations with someone it has become habit to space out not even letting what

  • Assess The Importance Of Accommodating Learning Styles In Academia

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    styles in academia and an academic work place and determines which learning styles are the most beneficial to accommodate. This is done by first analyzing the current accommodations for each learning style in Fleming’s model of learning then determining which learning styles are the most common. This analysis is then supplemented by personal examples demonstrating the importance of accommodating learning styles for academia and academic work places. The research indicates that academia and academic

  • Cause And Effect Of Plagiarism Essay

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    1. The plagiarism conundrum According to Oxford dictionary, conundrum means “confusing and difficult problem or question.” Plagiarism is anything illegal done by academia and is considered the most serious violation of acclaimed ethics in the academic world. Plagiarism has some serious negative effects on research writers who work for recognition in an environment of competition. The results are fairly alarming because there are clear gaps in knowledge of students about plagiarism. However,