Essay On College Athletes Should Get Paid

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There is a controversy of whether college athletes should get paid or not? Some say that many people make money off of them by selling jerseys, doing ads, and etc. So they should at least make some money for other people using them. On the other hand, people say that they already have a full ride scholarship why do they need to get paid or what if smaller schools can’t pay them? College athletes should get paid because people make money off them, some sport careers don 't last long, and getting payed large amount of money teaches financial responsibility.
Many people take advantage of college athletes not being paid and use them to make money. For example, making jerseys, posters, shirts, and other merchandise that is of college athletes. None of the college athletes ever see any of the money made from the jerseys that were sold. Doing this is basically taking credit for something you didn 't do. You would at least want the person who took your work to give credit to you. Giving part of the money for the merchandise sold off the college athletes would be giving credit to their hard work and showing everyone 's appreciation towards them. “The NCAA, as a whole, makes 6 billion annually”(Should NCAA Athletes). Out of the 6 billion dollars they make, none of the hard working athletes get any of that money. You …show more content…

College athletes should also make money because some sports have a very short career. If the career is short, for example football, then they need to make money in college in case their career ends right out of college or they injure themselves and can never play that sport again. Having the extra money from college, they can then use it towards their backup plan if their sport career didn 't work out. Even if they do make it to the NFL the average career length is “3.3 years”(Average Playing Career) and they could injure themselves or get kicked off the team in the short time period they were with the NFL. Leaving them with barely any money to live

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