Paying College Athletes

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College athletes are some of the most intense players in all of amateur and professional sports. These college players are even sometimes better than some professional player in their prime time in college. These college players play their hearts out to make it professionally, so that they can eventually get paid for doing something they love. Although some of these athletes just use their talents to help pay for their schooling over the years. These athletes receive many awards over their college careers and can earn scholarships for college, but as far as playing they are not allowed to be paid at all. Although a lot of people agree that college athletes should be paid, there are many studies that show why these players should not be receiving…show more content…
This isn’t just about a football team getting paid or a basketball team getting paid. If only one of these teams are getting paid or even both. Many people in other sports will be aggravated because most athletes believe that they are just as athletic and should be paid if the others are. This is where college would struggle paying all the athletes because track teams do not bring in nearly the same amount of money as a football team does. Also one of the most important and greatest parts about participating and becoming an athlete at a university with a scholarship is that most of the time athletes graduate without the stress of having loans because the school paid for most of them. One of the main reasons normal students work is so that they can put back money to pay off these debts. If college athletes were paid they could spend it on whatever they would like because they have no reason to save (Mitchell,…show more content…
He explains his thoughts about college athletes being paid. He said “Paying for my school is enough… Of course anybody would love to get paid for playing a sport. The notoriety is good enough for me. If [professional] football doesn 't work, then I plan on going to graduate school and become a certified public accountant and go from there." He understands what a scholarship is about. Scholarships are an aid to help out student become debt free out of college. Also the NCAA doesn’t treat these athletes like they are worth nothing either. Charles McClelland is the TSU athletic director and he states that these scholarships are valuable. The colleges spend about $80,000 to $150,000 per athlete. Items and services that stack onto the price are computers, clothes, tutors, transportation, and even dental work. There are certain things that are included into their scholarship that is not just for classes. The NCAA also doesn’t count these things as pay-to-play, but investments
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