Analysis: Why College Athletes Should Be Paid

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Professional coaches and colleges are making millions of dollars in revenue every year from over enthusiastic fans and stage tickets because of sports league . Some people believe that none of the revenue that universities and colleges make, should be dispersed among the students in any way. That means creating laws against giving anything for free to students. They believe that when you pay student athletes to play the sports that they want to learn. It wouldn't be considered a class anymore, instead it would be consider a job which would defeat the purpose of going to college. But, on the other hand, people believe that college athletes have the right to be paid. They should get paid in some form, to help them financially, to pay their bills whether it be …show more content…

Being a college athletes take full time dedication and participation in regular classes. When you have the privilege of attending such universities, and colleges you are only representing the bests. That means, when you graduate, you will have of the best support and scholarships that you can possibly achieve. This situation mostly only applies to the students who attend the fanciest universities, and colleges. Some scholarships may seem like a lot money, but cover only the mysterious, housing, tuition, fees, meal-plan, multiple hundred-dollars textbooks and unknown fees. But if you come from a low income household, Pell Grants help you change the flavor for a ramen to a dicente chicken soup. Scholarship sometimes cover only the life basics for the athletes. If universities were to pay each student an amount of cash, how would it be regulated? Would each sport make a different amount of money, that the college or university spends on each student depending on the sport? If the amount of

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