Essay On Should College Athletes Be Paid

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Should College Athletes Be Paid? There are college athletes getting paid much much more than the average joe. Why and how do people feel about that? Although many feel that college athletes aren't mature enough to handle money themselves, college athletes should get paid because the athletes put their health and time on the line to play for a school and the school profits off of them in many ways. College athletes should be paid, because they’re putting their body on the line when they’re playing. For example; Football is the most physical sport in college. In football you’re constantly hitting, that being, either hitting someone or someone is hitting you. So, with that contact, you’re bound to get hurt one way or another. There are many injuries that come out of football. The most common are concussions and CTE. According to a study from, about 87% of 202 football players were studied and found with CTE. Therefore, the players are getting hurt to represent and play for their school and should be paid for it. …show more content…

At any college sport, you need to pay for tickets, for colleges football tickets can range from $20 to as much as $150 (depending on what schools). Colleges are also known to sell jerseys of their best and best-known players, in which the player doesn't get any take from it. So, the player is working hard making a name for himself, and the school sells his jersey, and he makes nothing off of

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