Personal Narrative: My Trip To Spearfish, South Dakota

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Every year, my family goes on a snowmobile trip with my friend Aftyn’s family in Spearfish, South Dakota. About two years ago, we drove out for our trip as usual. The first day was super fun. We stopped at Four Corners, a fun hill to climb, and we did lots of racing. The second day was a little more eventful. “Are you guys ready to go?” my dad says as we rush out the door. It’s our last day out and we are ready to make the best of it. “We’re right behind you dad,” I say as we walk to the cars. As usual, I get into the Vermeer’s car with Aftyn. The drive to the trails is always fun and beautiful. After about a twenty minute car ride, we got to the Rough Lock Falls parking lot to unload our snowmobiles. When everything is unloaded and everyone is bundled up, we’re off. After riding the trails for about half an hour, we stop in a big meadow where we can ride around and race. My favorite thing to do in times like this is to go exploring. So I start driving a little ways away from the group with Aftyn right behind me. Then, we find it. A big open untouched meadow. And off we go. Our engines roaring as we take off. Aftyn and I love to race. I went to the left and was riding in a big open area while Aftyn went over to the right and was side hilling. I was just coming over a hill when the unthinkable happened. …show more content…

All I could see was black. What just happened? Where am I? Am I hurt? When I was able to think straight I realized where I was. My left arm and head were completely buried in the snow. The rest of my body was curled up in front of my sled. I tried to move my arm, but I couldn’t. It was stuck under the ski. So there I was, stuck under my snowmobile; nowhere to go. Since Aftyn was right behind me, she saw the whole thing. She came running up and started to unbury my head. I was yelling, “Back up the sled!” But she didn’t hear me. When my head was unburied enough that I could breath, she went to go find our

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