Personal Narrative: My Trip To Cedar Lake

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So after our visit to Cedar Lake we set off on our way to the badlands. Now this isn't going to be like the kind of story where i talk about our amazing time their and skip all the driving. This is about the trip their and the many of complications but many of miracles. Our trip to the badlands is one of the most inspirational parts of this entire book. Their are many of places and times when God really reveales himself to us and shows us his great mercy.
After an hour or so of drinving we found out that we definately needed brakes. So my mother went and asked where she could find someone to fix the brakes and we were recommended, i would say, the most honorable auto body shop their is. Normally the brakes would cost like one - thousand dollars but we paid the low price of one-hundred and fifty dollars. Which was just the begining of our God sent …show more content…

First we were shown amazing grace financialy with the man and the breakes. Usually a person in an auto shop will charge a lot extra for something like this if the cliaents of people like us are a single mom and five kids. So that was just the first blessing. Second blessing being in that we made it to an auto zone before breaking fully down, and then a man, on his day off, came for hours, to help us fix it and like with no charge. Just put that through your brain a second. Who does that. That not even being all. God showed his grace further in another incident where a man graciously helped us fix a part with very little cost. All of this with little financial support, and a bunch of children of God. True grace. Not even just that but the experiance to do what many americans dream of doing but can't, traveling america, is a blessing in itself. This is a plethura of miracles in just a span of three days, with many more on the way. A lot more being dependent on God and a lot less dependent upon

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