Personal Narrative: My First Time At Cedar Point

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HONK! BEEP! SQUEAKK! Every which way of me, cars are honking and breaks are squeaking but I don’t care because I see it, the best amusement park ever… Cedar Point! For the longest time had I been asking to go here, the day has finally came.

I was nine then, my first time at Cedar Point (other then when I was like two or three but I don’t count that) and for most of the car ride I was all smiles. My family would look out and see who could be the first one to find the roller coasters. I thought it took forever to get through the car lines-being an anxious and impatient girl- but it was worth it. After we parked, my mom had us put on sunscreen and she took some pictures in front of the big sign. I couldn’t believe I was actually at Cedar Point! …show more content…

Also,we went to the restroom, bought some food passes got and some maps. Then it was the fun part, so I thought. What we didn’t realize is that the line for the Top Thrill Dragster was 2 ½ hours! Therefor, my mom left the line at about two hours into it. But my dad, sister and I fought through the burning sun and heat. Just when we got up close to the front my heart started beating a mile a minute. I was scared, I wanted to go back and not do this. Though I knew waiting 2 ½ hours couldn’t be for nothing so I rode the coaster. It was extremely fun and fast. I loved

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