Six Flags-Personal Narrative

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“Brrrring!” rang the alarm. I woke up, turned the alarm off, and buried myself under the covers. They were as soft as a kitten’s fur, and as warm as the air from a heater. After a long hug from my blanket, I finally got hot and went to use the bathroom. “Niyah, when you come in here for a second, please,” my mom said. “Oh no,” I thought. “It was only 8 o’clock in the morning! What could I have possibly done?” I washed my hands and went to my mom’s room. “Okay,” she began. “Me, you, uncle D.J., auntie Tiffany, and their two kids are going to Six Flags!” I was so happy, I felt like a dog who just got a new, big bone for Christmas. But then grief struck me: Six Flags has roller coasters, and I’m afraid of those things. But instead of telling this to …show more content…

Then I went back to picking out what I was going to wear. I ended up with a white shirt and some jean shorts. Right when I was about to get in the shower, there was a knock at the door. Who could be here this early? It couldn’t be daddy because he was at work. My mom opened the door and it was my uncle D.J., auntie Tiffany, and their two kids. “Hey, Niyah,” uncle D.J. said. “These are my two kids, Renée and Julius. Guys, this is Niyah.” The rest of what he said left my mind because I kept staring at his son. He was cute. My little fantasy was over when I heard his dad say that we were cousins. I was sad, but then filled with curiosity: They had bags in their hands. They must be staying here. That’s probably the surprise. Once everyone was settled in, I took a hot shower and put on my clothes. After about an hour of people showering, we all piled in a car and pulled off to Six Flags. Once we got there, we found a spot and got our tickets. Everyone was so excited except for me. We went to a roller coaster. I told my mom that I was scared but she told me to try it and I did. And now I’m not scared of roller coasters anymore. And the next day we went back and I wasn’t scared or held back by my

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