Personal Narrative: Six Flags

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Six flags great america (1) When I walked into Six Flags I could hear the music from the carousel playing, and smell the popcorn, and nachos. The people there with us we 're Kara, Kathy, Lisa Jorgensen, Natalie Digllier, Copper, Payton Makena and their mom. Some of them asked me if I wanted to go on the ride called the Raging bull but I said no because I was scared and then went on a different ride instead. I had to choose to overcome my fear or not let fear control me. On the second day we were there. They wanted to go on that ride again later and they still asked me and this time I said yes. Later in the afternoon when we were in line I was getting very scared and frightened. The worst thing about being in line was that the line was very
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