Narrative Essay On Ride

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“So...what do you want to ride?”, Patrick asked with a grin. “Whatever you want to ride that’s reasonable.”, I replied swiftly. He looked around and was considering what I had said. “Maybe?...”, he was thinking aloud and then his voice trailed off and ended with a dissatisfied hum. He finally made a decision and we headed in that direction. The cool wind was blowing gently making my ponytail swirl around my head and get stuck to my pink grapefruit lip gloss.

I could feel my bag gently hitting my back as I walked across the park. Pat ended up getting us lost so we went all the way back to the front area for a map or for an employee to help us. "Hello and welcome to Six Flags!", an employee chirped as we approached. Her dark brown eyes surveyed each of us as she spun her practically white blonde hair around her slim finger. We told her we needed directions and she said to us that she needed to stay at her post. Rather than leaving and walking us over to where we needed to go; she gave us a map, drew small arrows with Sharpie and sent us off on our way. We found the ride surprisingly quickly. I slide into line right behind Aunt Christy and Patrick prepared to wait. …show more content…

Maybe it went around a lot, or maybe it was a super fast one. Was it going to be boring? Really fast? Maybe it's scary? Doubt it. , I thought to myself. How could it be this hot in April I thought as a bead of sweat formed on my upper back and slid down between my bony shoulder blades. Would we some all day melting into the hot pavement in this

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