Personal Narrative: My Trip To Six Flags

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New Plans One Saturday morning, I woke up at seven in the morning to go to an amusement park called Six Flags. The plans had been made days ago, my two older sisters, my brother, a friend of ours and I would be going to Six Flags and spend the entire day there. As I got up after finally getting my alarm to finally shut up I walked over to the bathroom to take a shower when I realized that the ground was spinning, in my eyes at least, I had a vile taste in the back of my throat. I quickly fell back onto my bed feeling like if I hadn’t I would have fallen to the floor instead. When I was finally able to gain my composure, I got up to go to my mom’s room so she could check out what was wrong with me. When I got to her room, I told her what had happened and she put her hand on my forehead and. “You have a fever. Well there isn’t much you can do sadly you can’t go no more. “She confirmed what I had been thinking, which was …show more content…

As soon as they left I had to take some nasty tasting pills that left an acrid taste in your mouth after you swallowed them. The pills were obviously supposed to make me feel better, but I wasn’t all so sure about them working. I found myself later laying down on my living room sofa when I started to smell something sweet from the kitchen. I walked over and found my mom making pancakes and bacon for breakfast. “I made breakfast because I know you must be hungry.” They were delicious because they had a sweet taste with the syrup. I loved the breakfast, but I still couldn’t help but imagine what kind of fun adventures the others were doing. When I was done, I went back to the living room to watch some Netflix movies with my younger brothers.They ended up choosing a kid’s movie that had to do with a couple of wolf pups that got separated from their pack and were trying to find their way back. I don’t really remember the name of the movie, either way I still enjoyed watching the

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