Personal Narrative: Six Flags New England Amusement Park

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My hands are already tingling and perspiring simply by thinking of my story. It was 2002, my husband and I had just been married earlier that year. We were still in our newlywed phase. We were happy and nothing could take us down. We were unbeatable. On Labor Day, we decided to drive to Six Flags New England amusement park to end our summer with a little fun. The weather was beautiful. The sun shone brightly, it was a perfect end-of-summer day and I could wear shorts and a tank top to allow my skin to soak up lots of vitamin D and get some extra color in my skin. Surprisingly, the park was relatively quiet considering it was one of the last days of summer vacation. We were a bit shocked at the lack of people in the park but it was a …show more content…

I was still feeling the adrenaline of happily married and that we could conquer anything as long as we did it together. So imagine my surprise when I agreed to go on the Sky Coaster with him. The Sky Coaster is a 110 feet metal archway with two long cables that hang down and attach by an extremely strong three ring system. This three ring system latches onto the riders who are in a hang gliding harness which wraps them like a burrito. The two large cables pull the riders to the top of the arch and then they free fall and enjoy the ride, sounds simple and fun …show more content…

I felt like I was plummeting to my death as the wind whipped all around me. For a brief moment, my body was vertical to the ground and I felt as if we were going to flip into a forward roll. Just at that moment, the cables snapped tight and we went swinging like a pendulum. My eyes were sealed shut. I continued screaming as we swung back and forth several times. My husband, when he knew I would be ok, told me to open my eyes. We were still at a considerable height but I felt safe once again. My whole body went limp and all my adrenaline gushed out and I felt amazing! I was able to enjoy these last few moments of the Sky Coaster. My husband was extremely proud of me. I was proud of myself. Mostly I was excited that we conquered this experience together. It is at this time that I am became aware of what is going on around me and I noticed all the people that watched and heard me, figuratively, “falling to my death.” Later, my husband told me that my ear piercing scream literally stopped people in their tracks and they looked up to see what was happening. I am grateful I shared this experience with my husband. We were the unstoppable newlyweds. I trusted in my husband a thousand percent and I still do today. Will I ever get on a Sky Coaster again? NO! I will stick to the Superman rollercoaster and others similar to it for my thrill

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