Narrative Essay About Six Flags

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Superman I have always been petrified of heights. This dates all the way back to when I would peer off the edge of the enormous playset in my backyard as a kid. Looking over the breezy, towering side, hands clammy, and mouth dry, it would send shivers down my spine. Growing older the similar feeling occured when being suspended high up in the air. I hope for one day to overcome this fear. The opportunity finally revealed itself in the summer of 2017. I would soon change my perspective. It was just a couple days after school had ended for the year. The time had come for our annual band trip. The band was on its way to encounter many fun attractions. The event I was most ecstatic for was Six Flags! The day we visited Six Flags I walked around with five of my friends and my girlfriend. We spent the whole day riding the park’s fantastic rides. We started that jam-packed day with the Batman rollercoaster. The coaster was amazing with its numerous loops, twists, drops, and confrontational speeds. Coasters have never bothered me with heights. After enduring quite a few of rides, it was almost the end of our day. We made our way into the last section of the park and there it was: the most horrific ride of them all. The ride …show more content…

As we slowly took steps over to our seats my fight or flight instinct kicked in. Should I have just run straight out the exit? The next thing I knew I was sitting in the heavily secured seat, getting strapped in and ready for lift-off. The seat hugged my body just as a boa constrictor does to its prey in the wild. The ride was now all set to go. The operator then repeated the same facts as he did the last group. “You will first take a 30 second ride up to the top of the 230 tower. Then, suspended at the top, you will be dropped at speeds of 70 miles per hour. Enjoy you ride on the Superman: Tower of Power!” The ride then roared to life as we slowly began the climb to the top of the

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